Cedar Audio Restore for Pyramix 64

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Cedar Audio Restore for Pyramix 64


Cedar Audio Restore for Pyramix 64

CEDAR has led the world in audio restoration since the 1980s, introducing features and capabilities that many claimed were impossible before we released them. Real-time digital declicking and decrackling? A CEDAR 'first'. Digital noise reduction without a fingerprint? Also invented by CEDAR. Noise-free equalisation? Sub-sample phase/time correction? Spectral editing? All of these were researched, developed and released first by CEDAR.

Today, we have combined eight of your favourite restoration processes into a single package: CEDAR Studio Restore. This allows you to remove a huge number of the problems that you'll encounter, whether you're transferring audio from old and damaged media, cleaning up soundtracks for film and TV, restoring material for broadcast, and much more.

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