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PAD's Full-Service Design, Integration and Install Expertise for Educational Markets

Drives Fast, Efficient Upgrade to Butler Fairbanks Center for Communication

INDIANAPOLIS: Advanced audio education is fast emerging as the flagship of media studies programs worldwide. At Butler University the $12 million Fairbanks Center for Communications exemplifies sonic excellence, following a thorough upgrade helmed by full-service design/integration/installation experts Professional Audio Design (www.proaudiodesign.com).

 “PAD shared our vision as an educational facility,” says Cutler Armstrong, Lecturer, Butler Media Arts Department. “They helped us to take full advantage of the studio space, and their experience working with universities allowed them to understand our objectives, as well our budget. PAD really listened to our needs and put together an unbeatable package for our students and staff.”

The PAD team worked closely with Butler to maximize the usefulness of a former classroom, turning it into a full-fledged hybrid analog/digital recording and mixing studio, centered around an Audient ACS8024 analog console with Digidesign Command 8 control surface. PAD's Technical Services Group handled the wiring for the console as well as all the gear that accompanied it to provide Butler's staff and students with a complete system that was fully functioning from Day One.

“The PAD concept of ‘Dream Design Deliver' was in full force for Butler's new studio,” says Dave Malekpour, President of PAD. “We have helped dozens of educational facilities worldwide achieve their goals by designing, integrating and installing rooms that meet the high standards of today's schools and inspire their students. The record/mix room at Butler's Fairbanks Center is the latest example of our commitment to the educational market.”

PAD specified the Audient ACS8024 console after consulting with Butler to determine the faculty's particular educational approach. “From a theoretical standpoint, instead of just using plug-ins to get the sound, we want to show students how to use a console and outboard processors, “ explains Mark Harris, Facilities Manager, Butler Media Arts Department. “The board is approachable and has taken the fear factor down so that they feel comfortable with mixing and recording. PAD told us, ‘We can get you the pieces of gear that you need,' and they came through. They also did a great job wiring the new room to our existing TV studios so that we could use them as recording spaces. We have a complete studio that's very useful.”

 “Our choice of the Audient is an example of how PAD's experience with colleges and universities was helpful to Butler,” Malekpour adds. “It has a signal flow like a high-end analog board would so that people can get hands-on with production, but it's still integrated with Digidesign's Command 8 console and Pro Tools HD, all at a good price. That allowed us to balance the budget against the comprehensive wiring and systems integration we provided, and execute the job within a tight timeframe. These are the complete services that we believe sets PAD far apart in realizing the objectives of education, post, broadcast and record/mix facilities, personal studios and beyond.”

By choosing Professional Audio Design, Butler University makes a strong statement about establishing the Fairbanks Center a strong player in audio education. “There's a lot of people out there who will just sell you the gear, but PAD designs, installs and services the facility as well, and that's hard to find,” Mark Harris says. “To be able to get it in time, on budget and fully supported was very important for us. PAD did it all.”




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