Burl Audio BCLK Word Clock Daughter Card for B80 and B16 Mothership

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Burl Audio BCLK Word Clock Daughter Card for B80 and B16 Mothership


Burl Audio BCLK Word Clock Daughter Card for B80 and B16 Mothership

The Burl Audio BLCK is a word clock daughter card for the B80 and B16 Mothership, with 8 BNC / 1 AES word clock I/O, two independently programmable backs, and ultra low-jitter clocking.

While there are excellent third-party clocking systems available to tie your digital gear together, the best way to go is with your converter's internal clock, and this is an area where Burl Audio also excels. After all, if you set out to make the best conversion with an exceptional analog signal path, why would you cut corners on clocking. The short answer is that you wouldn't, and Burl didn't, when it comes to clocking for the B80 and B16 Mothership. Not only can their daughter card slots can be used for amazing AD/DA conversion, but also for digital IO and word clock output. In fact, with a B80, you can go nuts and have up to 92 word clock outputs in one unit.

Burl Audio BLCK Daughter Card - Just the Facts:

  • 9 word clock outputs (8 BNC, 1 AES)
  • Two independently programmable banks
  • Extremely stable, low-jitter clock
  • Up to 92 word clock outputs in 1 unit

Burl Audio BLCK Daughter Card - Behind the Curtain:

The BCLK card features 8 BNC style word clock outputs plus an AES/EBU clock output. An extremely low jitter, high quality clock is generated by the BMBx card (Burl MotherBoard) and passed along the BBB (Burl BackBone) to each B80 and B16 daughter card slot. With the BCLK card, a word-clock distribution of 92 total outputs can be achieved with one B80 Mothership. An added feature of the BCLK card is that it can output multiples of the system word clock. For instance if you are running a 96kHz session, you can output 48kHz, 96kHz or 192kHz from each BCLK word clock bank.

There's no reason to go anywhere other than Burl for superb digital clocking. Order a BCLK (or several) for your B80 or B16 Mothership today. For assistance configuring a Mothership for your studio, call or chat online with your PAD Studio Consultant.

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