Burl Audio BAD4 A-To-D Converter Daughter Card for the B80/B16

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Burl Audio BAD4 A-To-D Converter Daughter Card for the B80/B16


Burl Audio BAD4 A-To-D Converter Daughter Card for the B80/B16

The Burl Audio BAD4 is a four-channel analog-to-digital daughter card for the Burl B80/B16 Mothership featuring the same conversion circuitry and tape-like sonics as the B2 ADC.

Until the arrival of Burl analog-to-digital conversion, digital recording was an exercise in frustration in comparison to the sound of analog tape. Sure, you get bass for days and transients that never change regardless of how many passes, but the midrange left a little something to be desired. And sometimes, it's desirable to have tape smooth out the transients of a snare drum. However, digital is the storage medium we have to work with, despite its sonic shortcomings. Shortcomings that are no longer a problem thanks to Burl conversion. Burl Audio's BAD4 A/D converter module was designed to sound like the front-end of a vintage tape machine, letting you use signal level to alter your tone. Just like recording drums to tape, hitting the BAD4 with a hot signal creates rich saturation and harmonic enhancement. Back off the signal level, and the conversion is crystal-clear and true to the source. No matter what style of music you're producing, the BAD4 has the flexibility you need to make it sound its best.

Burl Audio BAD4 - Just the Facts:

  • 1kHz to 192kHz, 24 bit, 4-channel ADC
  • Exact same circuit path as B2 Bomber ADC
  • Proprietary, high definition, Burl Audio BX1 transformer input
  • All class-A, discrete transistor signal path with zero feedback, zero circuit path capacitors
  • 4x XLR connectivity

Burl Audio BAD4 - Under the Hood

Burl Audio's BAD4 A/D converter module packs more sonic character into a single four-channel converter than anything in its class. Designed for use with Burl Audio's B80 Mothership empty 10-slot chassis, you can combine up to 10 BAD4 modules for up to 40 channels of A/D conversion in one convenient rack unit! The BAD4 has a Class A signal path with discrete transistors for maximum conversion quality, but Burl didn't stop there. The BAD4's analog signal path is designed for flexible recording tone depending on how hot you run your signals, just like an analog tape machine. Combining transparent, vibrant conversion with the sought-after vibe of analog recording systems means you'll want to track everything in your studio through the Burl Audio BAD4 A/D converter.

Designed for use with the Burl Audio B80 Mothership empty chassis, you can install up to 10 BAD4 modules for up to 40 channels of A/D conversion. The modularity of Burl Audio's converter modules lets you mix and match to optimize your rig. Whether you're mixing in the studio, or need a world-class mobile recording rig for live recordings, Burl Audio's modular converters make it easy to customize your system.

A lot of trends come and go in pro audio, but the sound of analog tape recording is continually sought after. Combining top-shelf converter technology with a sonically-versatile analog signal path is a major innovation for Burl Audio, and leads to new possibilities in your studio. Not only can you track your sources with the perfect amount of analog vibe (no relying on plug-in tape emulators!), you can enhance pre-recorded tracks by routing them back through the BAD4. Once you hear the BAD4, you won't want to go back to your old converters.

If you've been missing the sound of analog tape but prefer the convenience and power of digital recording and mixing, load up a B80 or B16 Mothership with BAD4 daughter cards and let your music take flight. For assistance configuring a Burl system, call or chat online with your PAD Studio Consultant.


  • Frequency response at 48kHz sample rate is 12Hz to 22kHz, +/- 0.1dB
  • Frequency response at 96kHz sample rate is 15Hz to 46kHz, +/- 0.1dB
  • Frequency response at 192kHz sample rate is 18Hz to 94kHz, +/- 0.1dB
  • 120dB Dynamic Range (A- weighted), 117dB (no weighting)
  • -100dB THD+N (+4dBU = -18dBFS)
  • -94dB THD+N (+21dBU = -1dBFs)

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