Burl Audio B1D Mic Pre - 500-Series Preamp

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Burl Audio B1D Mic Pre - 500-Series Preamp


Burl Audio B1D Mic Pre - 500-Series Preamp

The Burl B1D Mic Pre is an all-discrete, 500-series, VPR-Alliance compliant preamp that features Burl Audio's custom BX4 iron-wound output transformer and capacitor-free circuit path.

If you own or have experienced the incredible sound of the Burl B2 ADC analog-to-digital converter, you know that any high-quality preamp will make a good front end - but why not have one designed with the same custom transformer-based, all-discrete design that put Burl at the top of the converter food chain? That preamp is the Burl B1D, built for API's 500 series lunchbox power racks. Featuring the proprietary Burl BX3 input transformer and BX4 output transformer, which gives you the “big iron” British console (rhymes with sleeve) sound of the '70s , the B1D Mic Pre delivers the famed Burl analog warmth with depth and clarity. An all discrete transistor, class-A, direct coupled, capacitor free circuit path, gives the B1D amazing punch on drums, beautiful tonality on guitars, and warmth with presence on vocals.

Burl B1D Mic Pre - Just the Facts:

  • Burl custom BX3 input transformer
  • Burl custom BX4 iron output transformer
  • Audiophile, discrete, class-A, direct-coupled, capacitor free circuit path
  • Stepped gain control
  • Independent output level control
  • 70dB gain
  • Impedance select
  • 1/4" front-panel DI input
  • 30dB pad for hot signals and balanced line level input
  • Phantom power
  • Phase reverse
  • Tri-color gain level indication

Burl B1D Mic Pre - Under the Hood

The B1D Mic Pre has both gain and level controls, so you can hit the input harder for more saturation and back off on the output to protect your converters from clipping. If you want that heavy saturated tone, crank up the stepped gain control and offset it with the level control. If clean tone is your thing, turn the gain down and crank up the level. For ribbon mics and other low impedance sources, the B1D has a transformer-coupled impedance select. The B1D has been rigorously tested with the popular Royer R-121 in the low impedance setting, so you know that optimal results are in the offing. Of course, the B1D will coax the best performance from any microphone, whether it's dynamic, condenser, or ribbon.

To use the B1D's front-panel 1/4" instrument/line input, simply plug in your weapon of choice, crank up the gain, and you're good to go. The PAD switch allows for hot signals and balanced line inputs through the mic XLR on the back panel. Run your tracks or mixes through the B1D for warmth and glue. The B1D was designed to rock. Run multiple B1D channels for your rhythm tracks and you are there! Replace EQ and compression with true analog PHAT. Run your primary tracks through the B1D mic pre, follow with a B2 Bomber ADC and prepare to unleash sonic dominance on an unsuspecting populace.

If you're a fan of the 500 series, you're about to order your new favorite preamp - the Burl B1D Mic Pre. For more information, call or chat online with your PAD Studio Consultant today.

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