Boz Digital Labs New York L Bundle

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Boz Digital Labs New York L Bundle


Boz Digital Labs New York L Bundle

Get the timeless charm of the New York L – 1926 and the pristine craftsmanship of the New York L – 1991 with our new piano plugins. And here’s the best part – to celebrate this new launch, both are currently on sale for this-time-only super affordable prices!

New York L - 1926

Built in 1926 in New York, this piano has been kept in pristine condition. The ivories, hammers, strings and soundboard are all original. This piano lived through the great depression, World War II and the filming of the movie “Cats.” This piano produces a resonant, growly tone that only age (and a bit of dust) can accomplish. 

New York L - 1991

This piano was crafted in 1991 in New York and has been meticulously maintained ever since. Recently acquired from a gallery, this piano has been kept in pristine condition, with all its original parts, including the keys, hammers, strings, and soundboard.  The piano produces the warm, clean, and even tone that is characteristic of the builder’s exceptional craftsmanship, a true testament to the builder’s dedication to quality and precision.

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