Boz Digital Labs Pan Knob 2

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Boz Digital Labs Pan Knob 2


Boz Digital Labs Pan Knob 2

Pan Knob overcomes the limitations of traditional panning schemes with a superior algorithm that centers low frequencies while panning higher frequencies for superior balance and mix translation.

Available Formats

  • Mac: VST2, VST3, AU, AAX Native – MacOS 10.13 or greater – Intel or M1
  • PC:VST2, VST3, AAX Native – Windows 7 or greater
  • Available as 64-bit only.


  • Better Panning algorithm for all listening formats
  • Choose pan law
  • Switch between Balance/Pan
  • Pan anywhere in your signal chain

Panning is one of the most basic mixing tools we have, and it’s included in every DAW. So why a Pan Knob plugin? Simple answer: because it sounds way better, especially in headphones. Longer answer: Keep reading.

Why Change a Bread and Butter Effect?

Traditional panning works by adjusting the volume on your right and left channels to move where it sounds in the stereo field. Simple enough. But there’s a major problem with this: It sounds really sucky on headphones when you pan things wide. Why? Because in the real world, sound never shows up in just one ear, unless it’s a mosquito.

Pan Knob fixes this by adding a couple extra dimensions to your pan control.

  1. It keeps low frequencies unpanned. This simulates the natural effect of your head filtering the high frequencies while letting low frequencies hit both ears.
  2. It adds a small delay to simulate the wave front hitting your ears at different times.

Both of these effects can be toggled on and off depending on your situation. Pan knob will do everything from traditional dumb panning to advanced natural sounding panning.

Break the Rules

Because Pan Knob lets you pan anywhere and still sound natural, you are now free to break the traditional rules of panning. You want to pan your bass to the left? Go for it. It will sound natural. You want that snare drum to come from the right without giving the listener a migraine? Have at it. The traditional panning rules no longer apply.

Just the Facts

  • Superior panning algorithm for all listening formats
  • Centers low frequencies to maintain left/right balance regardless of higher frequency positioning
  • Selectable micro delay
  • Improves mix translation
  • Selectable pan laws
  • Switch between balance and pan
  • Pan anywhere in your signal chain

Pan Knob to the Rescue

Pan Knob enables you to instantly swap pan positions of instruments, choose between Balance or Pan for stereo tracks, and select pan laws. Best of all, Pan Knob lets you depart from standard panning schemes while still sounding natural, and doesn’t cause the balance problems common to ear-bud and headphone listening. Pan Knob enables you to experiment with panning without all the tail-chasing and tradeoffs that come with moving instruments and vocals around the stereo field using traditional panners. As an added benefit, Pan Knob speeds up your workflow, which is essential for both professional and aspiring mix engineers.

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