Boz Digital Labs Little Clipper

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Boz Digital Labs Little Clipper


Boz Digital Labs Little Clipper

Little Clipper combines a variable clipping algorithm with limiting in three simple controls. The two main knobs, Push (clipping) and Pull (limiting), control the intensity of clipping and amount of limiting. A slider beneath the Pull knob lets you control the shape of clipping from soft to hard, depending on how subtle or aggressive you want the clipping to be. Between the knobs are meters that show incoming level and threshold, above which clipping occurs. Little Clipper has a toolbar that provides presets, A/B banks for comparison, a blend knob, bypass, and most significantly, a selector that lets you choose between stereo, mid + side, mid only, and side only processing. Once you experience how easy it is to balance instruments and vocals in a mix with Little Clipper, you’ll feel like you’re cheating.Little Clipper—Just the Facts:- Hard/Soft Clipping- Intuitive Input Gain and Ceiling controls- Mix knob for blending your dry sound back in- Multiple stereo configurations for clipping stereo buses

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