Black Lion Audio REVOLUTION 6x6 Izotope Bundle

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Black Lion Audio REVOLUTION 6x6 Izotope Bundle


Black Lion Audio REVOLUTION 6x6 Izotope Bundle


What’s better?

Having the Black Lion Audio Revolution 6x6, one of the best sounding Audio Interfaces at any price? Or a boatload of industry-proven iZotope & Brainworx plugins for a fraction of the price?

How about both?

With the Black Lion Audio Revolution iZotope Bundle, you get the Revolution 6x6 Audio Interface and iZotope Music Production Suite 6.5 for just $429 when you buy them together.

A Killer deal.

The iZotope Music Production Suite 6.5 includes Neutron 4 mixing suite, surround reverbs with Stratus 3D plus Guitar Rig 7 Pro, and additional plug-ins from Brainworx. 

How it Works


  • Order the Revolution 6x6 bundled with iZotope Music Production Suite 6.5
  • (NOTE: If you already have the Revolution 6x6, you may order a code for this bundle)
  • Your dealer will provide the software code with the purchase of the Black Lion Audio Revolution 6x6.
  • Register your Revolution 6x6 online
  • Follow these fulfillment instructions
  • Start creating!

Here’s everything you get with iZotope Music Production Suite 6.5:

Create, mix, master, and much more

Unlock the full potential of your tracks with Music Production Suite 6. Featuring the latest releases of Ozone 11, Nectar 4, and Guitar Rig 7 Pro, this comprehensive suite offers industry-leading tools for mixing, mastering, vocal processing, a wide range of effects, and much more. Elevate your sound and streamline your workflow with Music Production Suite 6.

RX 11 Standard

Rescue flawed audio

iZotope RX is the industry trailblazer for intelligent audio repair and enhancement. Infused with state-of-the-art machine learning technology, RX 11 adds new tools and improves beloved modules to help you tackle everything from common audio problems to the trickiest of sonic rescues, for music, post production, and content creation.

Ozone 11 Advanced

Bring your tracks to life

Elevate your music with Ozone 11, the definitive mastering toolkit. Enhance the clarity and definition of your masters with the Clarity module. Make precise tweaks with Stem Focus, and unlock creative possibilities with Transient/Sustain. Achieve a detailed and dynamic sound with Upward Compress, and ensure your vocals sit perfectly in the mix with Assistive Vocal Balance. Experience these enhancements and more with Ozone 11.

iZotope Neutron 4

Mix in the moment

Mix smarter and faster with iZotope’s Neutron 4, your complete suite for crafting a professional mix. Sculpt sounds seamlessly while staying in your flow.Neutron 4 comes with 8 plug-ins including a mothership and 7 component modules. Use the component plug-ins individually or combine them in the mothership to sculpt your sound. Plus, you'll get Visual Mixer, Relay and Tonal Balance Control 2 plug-ins to assist your mixing process.

Nectar 4 Advanced

Let your vocals shine

Experience the power of Nectar 4, the ultimate vocal mixing tool. Explore new Modules like Auto-Level for consistency, Voices for effortless vocal layering, Backer for artificial background singers, and Vocal Assistant for intelligent processing. Unleash a suite of powerful plugins for complete control over your vocal sound.

Guitar Rig 7 Pro

The creative effects playground

Step into Guitar Rig 7 Pro, a portable room filled with sought-after guitar and bass amps, effects, and pedals. Experience real-time inspiration with authentic amp models and creative effects. Create distinct tones and unlock endless possibilities with new ICM amps, virtual effects pedals, and rack components.

Melodyne Essentials 5

Streamlined editing of pitch and timing with cut and paste ability

Edit the pitch and timing of vocal takes for a flawless, natural sound. Melodyne’s award-winning algorithm keeps raw performances intact while facilitating surgical corrections.

iZotope Audiolens

Reference audio from anywhere

Meet the new Audiolens desktop app which makes track referencing and comparison easy by analyzing audio from any streaming platform or audio source. Build your personal library of reference tracks that you can access anytime to compare against your own mixes or masters.

Exponential Audio 3D Reverb Bundle

Natural, colorful, and creative surround reverb algorithms for any production

Explore the iZotope 3D Reverb Bundle, featuring two exceptional reverb plugins. Sculpt audio spaces with over 1,700 presets in Stratus 3D and add subtle, lifelike reflections with Symphony 3D. Together, this dynamic duo offers a sophisticated and powerful solution to elevate your productions with spatial precision and realistic reverb.

iZotope Insight 2

Intelligent metering for music & post

Insight 2 offers crisp, responsive metering in a customizable interface to fit any professional audio mixing and production workflow.

iZotope Tonal Balance Control 2

Find your balance

Overcome your listening environment and make mixes that translate with Tonal Balance Control 2, a plug-in that helps keep your sound on target in any genre.

iZotope Neoverb

A Reverb That Listens

From the minds behind Ozone and Nectar, and powered by legendary Exponential Audio technology, iZotope Neoverb is the most intelligent reverb plug-in for music producers. Save time and leave the trial and error behind and design unique spaces for vocals and instruments in seconds, without muddying the mix.

Brainworx plugins

Elevate your mixes

Amplify the power of your suite with six creative mixing plugins from Brainworx. Explore bx_delay 2500 for innovative delay, bx_boom! for big kick drums, bx_saturator V2 to add multi-band saturation, bx_subsynth for holy grail bass fanatics, bx_cleansweep Pro to clean up sounds, and bx_refinement to tame harshness.

Native Instruments effects

Get creative

Eight effects from Native Instruments for a complete mixing experience, including Raum, Crush Pack, Mod Pack, Supercharger GT, Replika XT, Solid Mix Series, Driver, and Transient Master.

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