Aviom PFS-1

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Aviom PFS-1


Aviom PFS-1

Aviom's PFS-1 Performance Stool combines a sturdy QuikLok® performance stool with a built-in tactile transducer system. The stool has an adjustable seat, back, and foot rest that allows it to be customized to suit any player. Simply connect the stool to the BOOM-1 using the included locking-type speaker cable. 

PFS-1 Performance Stool Specifications

Model No. QuikLok DX-749
Transducer Input
Locking, 2-conductor
Seat Adjustable; 9 positions, from 22.8" to 31.5" (58 to 80 cm)
      Depth 12.4", 31.5 cm
      Width 16.3", 41.5 cm
      Thickness 2.36", 60 mm
      Footrest Adjustable, folding
      Frame Width
15.7", 40 cm
      Frame Depth
18.5", 47 cm
Weight Capacity
242.5 lbs, 110 kg
Dimensions, shipping
50 x 9 x 18 inches, 450 x 215 x 125 mm
Weight 38 lbs, 17.24 kg

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