Aviom Mix320-Y

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Aviom Mix320-Y


Aviom Mix320-Y

The Mix320-Y Personal Mixing System gets its inputs from a Y1 A-Net card installed in your Yamaha digital mixing console. A D400 A-Net Distributor is used to supply A-Net digital data and DC power to the mixers, and the system includes six A320 Personal Mixers for the performers. It also includes six MT-1a Mic Stand Mounts for attaching the A320 mixers to mic stands, as well as all the Cat-5e cables you'll need to connect the products.

Intuitive Mixing

The A320 Personal Mixer gives performing and recording musicians simple, intuitive control over their monitor mixes. It features 16 mono or stereo mix channel buttons, individual volume controls, and easy-to-use Stereo Placement controls. Plug headphones, ear buds, or a wireless in-ear monitoring system into the Personal Mixer and you're ready to start mixing.

A Simple Digital Console Interface

The Y1 A-Net Card for Yamaha allows up to 16 sources from the console to be assigned as inputs to the personal mixing system.

Assign any combination of channels, direct outputs, aux sends, groups, or sub-mixes from the Yamaha console user interface to the Y1 card.

Power and Audio Over Cat-5

For distributing the A-Net digital data and DC power to the A320 Personal Mixers, the system includes the D400 A-Net Distributor. Just connect the console card to the distributor's A-Net In and use the D400's powered A-Net ports for connecting Personal Mixers.

System Options

The Mix320-Y system is designed specifically for user of Yamaha® digital consoles. If you have a Dante-enabled console or network, the Mix320-D Personal Mixing System is what you need. It includes the D400-Dante A-Net Distributor instead of the D400 and does not require a separate input device or console card. if you have an analog console or recording system, the Mix320-A Personal Mixing System is what you need. It includes the 16-channel, line-level AN-16/i Input Module as its front end.

The mixing system packages are also easy to expand when you're ready - just add more Personal Mixers and A-Net Distributors as needed.

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