Aviom AN-16/i V.2

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Aviom AN-16/i V.2


Aviom AN-16/i V.2

The AN-16/i provides 16 balanced line-level inputs into a Pro16® system. Audio is converted to digital and transmitted via A-Net®, up to 500ft/150m over Cat-5e. A dedicated audio thru is available for each input channel, allowing the AN-16/i to be seamlessly inserted into an existing audio signal path.

Monitor System Building Blocks

Placed at a front-of-house or monitor console, the AN-16/i can be used as a head-end for a Pro16 Monitor Mixing System. Audio from the console - any combination of channel inserts, direct outs, submixes, auxes, or groups - is connected to the TRS input channels on the AN-16/i. The A-Net Out on the AN-16/i is connected to the A-Net In of a Pro16 Personal Mixer or A-Net Distributor.

Digital Snakes and Audio Networks

Used in conjunction with the AN-16/o Output Module, the AN-16/i can also be used in a digital snake as an input path for main return signals from front-of- house. The built-in A-Net Expansion jack allows two 16-channel A-Net streams to be combined onto a single cable (32x0 or 16x16), and the AN-16SBR System Bridge can be used to combine up to four 16-channel streams onto a single cable in a variety of bidirectional configurations.

The flexibility and simplicity of the Pro16 Series allows complex audio distribution systems and snakes to be created quickly and cost-effectively.

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