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Avid Sibelius | Ultimate Perpetual Edu


Avid Sibelius | Ultimate Perpetual Edu

Avid Sibelius | Ultimate Perpetual Edu - 9938-30011-20

Avid Sibelius | Ultimate notation software enables you to compose rich scores with unlimited instrument parts and custom layouts - Special pricing for students and music educators.

Whether you're a professional film composer, music educator, composition student, or a hobbyist who must deal with limited free time, Sibelius gives you the leg-up you need to realize your music, particularly where time is your greatest challenge. Among film composers working against tight deadlines, it's a well-known fact that coming in under budget (which is where your profits lay) is the shortest distance between score and soundstage. That's where Sibelius shines. The biggest speed bump in that scenario is what happens after the score is written. In the days of handwritten notation, that's where the hard work began. Apart from finding mistakes in notation, what works on paper doesn't always work in the room, and what works in the room doesn't always work in a recording. With Sibelius, there are several functions that streamline the process, from the ability loop selections at various tempi (great for experimentation as well as education), scrub playback to spot-check parts and make corrections, and advanced features that let you speed through score refinement. Plus, it integrates with Pro Tools and other software that enable you to compose, transcribe, publish, and protect your work with Cloud publishing tools and digital rights management. Sibelius is the most used notation software among professionals, aspiring composers, educators, and students.

Avid Sibelius | Ultimate - Just the Facts:

  • Compose quickly and easily with a task- oriented interface that leads you through your entire score creation
  • Supercharge your workflow with multi-edit capabilities and direct task execution in the ribbon
  • Spark ideas for parts with loop playback
  • Connect with others through the Avid Link community for feedback and creative opportunities
  • Share scores with anyone on your own free personal cloud space
  • Add comments and annotations directly to a locked-down score in Review mode to communicate feedback, direction, and rehearsal notes, without worrying about accidentally moving anything out of place
  • Effortlessly glide through music with Magnetic Glissando
  • Write and edit scores using a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tablet and pen
  • Create reminders for yourself and communicate feedback to others with the Annotate feature
  • Get unrivaled expressiveness and feel with the fully redesigned Espressivo 2.0
  • Notate and hear multiple instances of the same instrument part play in unison with playback support for n players
  • Navigate through large scores quickly with the Timeline window
  • Get professional-quality sound with the included 36 GB Sibelius Sounds library
  • Save hours of time with powerful features such as Magnetic Layout and Dynamic Parts
  • Create beautiful, professional-quality scores with full DTP-level layout, text, and typography tools
  • Scan and transcribe music with PhotoScore & NotateMe Lite and AudioScore Lite, included
  • Send your scores to Pro Tools and other DAWs using ReWire, included
  • Collaborate with others by sharing scores over email or through MusicXML
  • Share scores on ScoreExchange.com
  • Export a video file of your score for others to see and hear your work
  • Export scores directly to Avid Scorch on your iPad for playback, practice, performance, and publishing

Avid Sibelius | Ultimate - Cracking the Code

Composers and arrangers

Sibelius provides everything you need to create and arrange exquisite, dynamic scores for live performances, film, television, and other entertainment. With PhotoScore & NotateMe and AudioScore Lite included, you can also scan, handwrite, and transcribe music as well. Integrate Pro Tools into your workflow to start, enhance, and/or finish compositions. And send your scores to your iPad with Avid Scorch for playback, practice, and performance on-the-go.

Music educators and students

As the world's best-selling music notation software, Sibelius is the top choice for music educators and students entering a career in composition. Sibelius' task-oriented interface guides you through the entire score-creation process. Learn and teach music notation and theory with more than 1,700 ready-made education tools at your disposal. And share compositions with other students and classrooms with MusicXML and Avid Scorch for iPad. Find out more about Sibelius in the classroom - and see if you qualify for discounted education pricing.

Music publishing

Sibelius makes it easy to distribute and sell compositions as digital sheet music. Composers can publish their scores from Sibelius to Avid Scorch and ScoreExchange.com for anyone to buy and print. And for professional engravers and music publishers, our Sibelius | Cloud Publishing technology can help boost sales, enabling your customers to browse, play, transpose, and purchase scores on your Cloud Publishing-enabled website from any device.

Sibelius | Ultimate features in depth

Compose, arrange, and engrave

Sibelius | Ultimate (formerly Sibelius) offers an advanced toolset, enabling you to work with an unlimited number of instrument parts and tailor every facet of your score to your needs. Create sophisticated sheet music with an expanded set of notation program tools and symbols, customizable notes and instruments, and film scoring workflows. And speed through score refinement with advanced layout, editing, and publishing tools.

Write music quickly and easily

With a complete upgrade of its underlying infrastructure, Sibelius | Ultimate offers powerful multi-edit capabilities and a task-based interface that leads you through the entire score creation process. Enter notes from the onscreen notation, keyboard, or fretboard windows, or from your MIDI keyboard. Add notational elements, dynamics, custom symbols, and text. And easily navigate large, complex scores using the timeline.

Create beautiful scores fast

Spend more time writing music instead of fixing it. As you write, Magnetic Layout automatically gives everything just the right amount of space and avoids collisions to produce beautiful results, cutting writing time in half. And Dynamic Parts can automatically create and update separate instrumental parts whenever you change your score.

Turn music into scores

Sibelius comes with two companion applications that enable you to turn recorded, performed, printed, and handwritten music into notation. With AudioScore Lite, you can input notes by singing or playing a monophonic instrument through a microphone. With PhotoScore & NotateMe Lite, you can turn printed, PDF, and JPEG sheet music into editable scores - and even handwrite music.

Realize your music in expressive detail

With the included 10GB sound library of high-quality sampled instruments, you can play back compositions to hear how it would sound with full instrumentation. The Espressivo feature adds a more humanistic feel, so your score sounds the way you intended it to be heard. You can also use VST and AU virtual instruments and effects.

Pro Tools integration

Take your compositions even further when you integrate Pro Tools into your workflow. Using ReWire (included), you can easily record instrument parts from your Sibelius | Ultimate scores to Pro Tools and other DAWs for further recording, editing, and mixing. And you can directly send Pro Tools tracks from its Score Editor to Sibelius | Ultimate for further notation refinement.

Review mode

Need to communicate or solicit ideas, suggestions, and changes to a composition? You can now add comments directly to a score in Review mode to communicate rehearsal notes, feedback, or directions to an editor, engraver, or student. You can also highlight sections and even annotate parts directly with a stylus or Surface Pro pen.

Loop playback

When composing, sometimes the best way to come up with parts is to improvise different melody lines, riffs, and chords over a section of music. Sibelius now enables you to select any part of your score for loop playback, so you can quickly experiment. You can even slow down the tempo during loop playback for easier rehearsal and lesson practice - ideal for students and teachers.

Scrub playback

With Sibelius | Ultimate, you can now use simple keyboard shortcuts to scrub the playback line across your score and hear the notes and chords beneath it, making it easy to see how things are sounding. It's a great way to spot-check parts and fix mistakes, jump to and audition sections (when used with any “Go to…” command), and teach chord progressions and harmonic analysis.

Find plug-ins fast

Sibelius makes composing, arranging, and engraving scores even easier through a variety of available plugins (most are free!) that can add functionality to the software or perform complex tasks for you. And now it's easier to find the plugins you need with new search capabilities built into the Install Plug-ins dialog.

Notate and play back parts in unison

Got multiple instruments playing the same notes and melody lines in your score, such as an ensemble of violin or trumpet players? Instead of hearing only one voice play, Sibelius now supports playback for n players with Sibelius Sounds, NotePerformer, and other compatible sound libraries, enabling you to hear all of the richness and distinct nuances of having multiples of the same instrument part play together in unison.

Preserve your score in Review mode

With the new Review mode, copyists, engravers, orchestrators, publishers, and teachers can have peace of mind knowing that you can't accidentally edit a score or move something out of place as you review it.

Navigate scores more easily

With new Go to Bar and Go to Page commands, you can have Sibelius jump to your specified section and immediately start playback without requiring an extra step. You can also move the playback line by simply clicking anywhere in the timeline to have playback immediately start from that point - ideal for quickly hearing and comparing parts to keep your music writing and arranging momentum flowing.

Capture ideas

Got a little melody line, chord progression, or lyric you want to file away quickly? No need to drop everything you're doing. The Ideas Hub enables you to capture and tag those inspired snippets of music and ideas quickly for later use or reuse. If you're having writer's block, Sibelius | Ultimate also comes with over 2,000 ideas in its library to help get you inspired and rev up your creative flow.

Refine your score

With a full suite of desktop publishing tools and score Inspector, you can control and finesse every score element with ease. Fine-tune lyrics, dynamics, and other text with tracking, leading, scaling, and alignment tools. Use hierarchical styles to change fonts and add emphasis. Add graphics using drag-and-drop. Even create your own house styles and manuscript papers to give your scores a unique look and feel.

Share your compositions

Easily share an unlimited number of scores online using Sibelius | Cloud Sharing and invite others to view, play, and comment on your music. Expand your storage space with an Avid Cloud Premium Plan. You can also collaborate through MusicXML, print scores, and export your music as MP3, MIDI, or PDF files.

Add comments directly on a score

With the Annotate feature, you can draw free-form directly on a score and communicate edits, instruction, and feedback to collaborators, arrangers, musicians, or students - streamlining collaboration and review. All annotations are grouped intelligently and always remain attached to the bar to which you've added them. Plus, they can be switched off, so they don't appear when printing.

Practice and perform with your iPad

Got an iPad? Export your score for Avid Scorch, an iOS app that transforms your iPad into an interactive music stand and score library for practice and performance. With Avid Scorch on your iPad, you can view scores and adapt them to your instrument by transposing the music, changing instruments, or even converting to and from guitar tab.

Get updates and help when you need it

Sibelius | Ultimate is available through a low-cost monthly or annual subscription, or you can purchase a perpetual license and own the software outright. Both include access to all new Sibelius releases and Standard support throughout your active subscription or renewable 1-Year Software Updates + Support Plan (included with perpetual license purchases).

Increase your music sales

For music publishers, Sibelius | Cloud Publishing greatly enhances the online sheet music shopping experience, leading to higher customer sales and satisfaction. With the technology embedded on your site, your visitors can preview, play, change instruments, and transpose scores before buying - on any computer or mobile device. Once purchased, they'll get a high-quality version that's fit for print.

Teach music composition

Sibelius | Ultimate is ideal for teaching music notation, composition, and theory to students of all ages. It includes over 1,700 ready-made teaching materials, including worksheets, projects, and exercises, as well as a Classroom Control window to track your students' progress. In addition, Sibelius | Ultimate network licensing makes it easy to assign licenses to students on any computer - even their own.

Get updates and help when you need it

Sibelius | Ultimate is available through a low-cost monthly or annual subscription, or you can purchase a perpetual license and own the software outright. Both include access to all new Sibelius releases and Standard support throughout your active subscription or renewable 1-Year Software Updates + Support Plan (included with perpetual license purchases).

Who's using Sibelius?

Sibelius is used by a wide range of composers, performers, and educators. Here's what some Sibelius users are saying.

Sibelius is so intuitive at laying out the score in a very legible and clear way. This, plus the variety of different fonts and layouts, make it easy to have the score look really good. Chick Corea, (Grammy-award winning pianist and composer)

I use Sibelius | Ultimate to get the most salient melodic and rhythmic fragments, and then move things around, copy and paste, and fine-tune. I've got it down to where it's really simple and really fun. Benny Rietveld (bassist and musical director, Santana)

Sometimes I want to actually combine the pencil with the computer notation, and that's just so easy with Sibelius. It's inviting and a pleasure to work with.

Steve Reich, multiple Grammy-winning composer

Recording formats come and go. The only way to ensure your music lives on is through traditional notation, but with Sibelius Ultimate, you don't have to spend years writing it down. Order yours today. For more information, call or chat online with your PAD studio consultant today.



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