Avid Sibelius Stand-Alone Annual Subscription Seat Expansion

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Avid Sibelius Stand-Alone Annual Subscription Seat Expansion


Avid Sibelius Stand-Alone Annual Subscription Seat Expansion

AVID Sibelius Stand-Alone Annual Subscription Seat Expansion

Avid Sibelius music writing software with notation, layout, and 16-part composition playback. Perpetual license.

Whether you're a professional film composer, music educator, composition student, or a hobbyist who must deal with limited free time, Sibelius gives you the leg-up you need to realize your music, particularly where time is your greatest challenge. Among film composers working against tight deadlines, it's a well-known fact that coming in under budget (which is where your profits lay) is the shortest distance between score and soundstage. That's where Sibelius shines. The biggest speed bump in that scenario is what happens after the score is written. In the days of handwritten notation, that's where the hard work began. Apart from finding mistakes in notation, what works on paper doesn't always work in the room, and what works in the room doesn't always work in a recording. With Sibelius, there are several functions that streamline the process, from the ability loop selections at various tempi (great for experimentation as well as education), scrub playback to spot-check parts and make corrections, and advanced features that let you speed through score refinement. Plus, it integrates with Pro Tools and other software that enable you to compose, transcribe, publish, and protect your work with Cloud publishing tools and digital rights management. Sibelius is the most used notation software among professionals, aspiring composers, educators, and students.

System Requirements

  • See Sibelius system requirements here
  • The Sibelius mobile app works on any iPad running iPadOS 13.4 or iPhone running iOS 13.4 or later


What's included?

  • Sibelius software—Download required (includes software installers and user guides)
  • Sibelius mobile app (for iPad and iPhone)—Separate download required from the Apple App Store
  • Sound library—10 GB of professional-quality samples
  • Additional software—AudioScore Lite audio transcribing software, PhotoScore and NotateMe Lite music scanning and handwriting recognition software

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