Avid MTRX 8 Mic/Line Pristine AD Card

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Avid MTRX 8 Mic/Line Pristine AD Card


Avid MTRX 8 Mic/Line Pristine AD Card

The MTRX 8 Mic/Line Pristine AD Card is a PCIEe expansion card for the Pro Tools | MTRX interface, featuring eight premium-quality preamps and analog line inputs.

Pro Tools interfaces have come a long way since the early days. Now that the modular MTRX system has arrived, not only can you choose your own I/O, the need for third-party converters is a thing of the past. Along with eight high-quality, ultra low-noise, transparent preamps, the MTRX 8 Mic/Line Pristine AD Card is complemented by DAD (Digital Audio Denmark) AD converters, some of the finest converters available today, and renowned for their ultra clean, transparent, and highly detailed sound.

Pro Tools | MTRX 8 Mic/Line Pristine AD Card - Just the Facts:

  • 8 high-quality, ultra low-noise, remote controlled preamps with up to +70dB gain
  • Highly detailed DAD conversion up to 24-bit/384kHz; : 2.8224MHz and 5.6448MHz DSD

Pro Tools | MTRX 8 Mic/Line Pristine AD Card - Under the Hood

Along with relay-based input gain circuitry for the shortest possible signal path, the preamps are remote controllable via EUCON-enabled DADman software. DADman also gives you talkback capabilities, enabling you to set any of the control room speaker or monitor outputs as your talkback source, as well as activate Cut and Dim options on any output. The MTRX allows the use of up to six option slots to mix and match analog (AD/DA) cards, providing up to 48 analog mic/line input channels per MTRX interface, ideal for any application from music recording to post production.    

Custom-configure your Pro Tools | MTRX with 8 channels of mic preamps and analog inputs (or more) for tracking and talkback. For more information, call or chat online with your PAD Studio Consultant today.


  • Analog inputs: 8 mic/line
  • Mic preamps: 8
  • Input gain: Adjustable from -18dB to +70dB in steps of 0.1dB; ± 0.25dB accuracy
  • Max input level: Adjustable from 9dBu to 30dBu in steps of 0.1dB
  • Mic equivalent input noise (A): < -133 dB
  • Sampling, resolution: 5-bit sigma/delta @ 5.645/6.144MHz, 24-bit PCM
  • DSD sample rates: 2.8224MHz and 5.6448MHz (64 and 128FS)
  • THD+N (A): < -117dB @ -3dBFS / 0.00014%
  • Crosstalk: < -120dB
  • Input Impedance: >10k ohm




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