Avid Media Composer | Ultimate 1-Year Subscription - Edu Pricing

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Avid Media Composer | Ultimate 1-Year Subscription - Edu Pricing


Avid Media Composer | Ultimate 1-Year Subscription - Edu Pricing

Avid Media Composer | Ultimate 1-Year Subscription - Edu Pricing - 9938-30117-00

Industry-standard video editing software for post and broadcast teams

There's a reason why editors behind the majority of all mainstream movies and TV shows choose Media Composer | Ultimate. It's simply the most reliable and efficient way to collaborate and edit long form film, television, and video productions. Get advanced video editing, finishing, and delivery tools - and the ability to connect to Avid NEXIS storage and share projects, bins, and media - so your team can complete projects faster, together.

Edit at the speed of your imagination

The new Media Composer video editing software provides an intuitive user experience, giving you creative speed to produce better stories. Access the tools you need, when you need them, with new task-oriented workspaces. Find and navigate media faster with new bin mapping. And work more fluidly with the clean, modern UI, which features a smart panel interface that simplifies the complexity, keeping your workspace clutter-free, so you can stay focused on what matters most - your story. 

Finish and deliver with precision

Be confident in your content delivery - whether you complete projects all in Media Composer or roundtrip to other applications for color and effects work. With the new 32-bit floating point color pipeline, OpenEXR decoding, and ACES (Academy Color Encoding System) color space support, you can finish high-res and HDR projects with complete color precision, ensuring pristine picture quality throughout your workflow. Plus, new IMF packaging tools make OTT-destined content a speedy delivery.

Get more power at your fingertips

The latest video editing software features a more powerful and reliable next-generation Avid Media Engine that goes beyond background rendering, transcoding, and live timeline editing. Get right to work with whatever media comes your way with native OP1a support. And keep working - not waiting - with the new Media Composer | Distributed Processing option, which lets you offload processor-intensive rendering and transcoding tasks to other networked machines.

Accelerate your workflow

Media Composer | Ultimate comes with a bundle of additional software that supercharges Media Composer, dramatically speeding up your workflow. Save hours of clip search time with PhraseFind and ScriptSync included, enabling you to phonetically find the right clips and best takes in seconds. Get a suite of advanced color grading tools and IMF packaging capabilities with Symphony. And integrate with MediaCentral, iNEWS, and ENPS workflows with NewsCutter.


Get the tool designed for creative teams

The majority of all mainstream movies and TV shows are edited on Media Composer. That's because its coveted editing, effects, titling, color, and audio tools make the collaborative creative process fast, easy, and reliable.

Collaborate with anyone, anywhere

Share media, projects, and bins to accelerate project prep and editorial. For post, add Editorial Management and Avid NEXIS and you can collaborate locally and remotely. And news teams can integrate with MediaCentral, iNEWS, and ENPS with NewsCutter, included, for global collaboration.

Work with any type of media

If you've got footage, you can edit it in Media Composer. From HD, UHD, 8K, 16K, and HDR, to stereoscopic 3D and IMAX, Media Composer eliminates the media bottlenecks, streamlining your workflow to bring your stories to life.

Gain unmatched efficiency

Media Composer eliminates media bottlenecks, so you can complete projects faster. Its DNx codecs and HDR color pipeline enable you to scale high-res media and match color spaces quickly. You can even automate time-consuming tasks in the background - essential for any TV or movie editor on deadline.

Accelerate multicam editing

Media Composer's patented, Emmy Award-winning multicamera editing tools minimize tedious prep time and complexity, so you can dive right into the creative fun of telling all perspectives of the story.

Find the best takes and clips fast

Save hours of clip search time with two dialogue search tools included in Media Composer | Ultimate. With PhraseFind, simply type keywords to locate all clips that contain the speech you seek. ScriptSync finds and syncs all takes of every dialogue line to a script, so you can find the best ones fast.

Get the industry's most reliable media management

With rock-solid media management keeping track of all your files, including OP1a, you can have confidence knowing that media won't go offline. Even as projects move and evolve over many months. Or even years.

Create compelling content

Make your stories look, feel, and sound spectacular. From adding drama and mood through high-quality visual effects and color grading, to creating stirring soundtracks in 7.1 surround, you can do it in Media Composer.

Finish in the box - or out

Get consistent color accuracy whether you edit and finish content in Media Composer or roundtrip projects to another application. And deliver OTT content to the required specs right from Media Composer with new IMF packaging tools in Symphony, included.

Find and connect with talent

Avid Link is now integrated directly in Media Composer to help you find the talent you need for your projects. Hire voiceover talent, sound designers, and composers for soundtrack work. Connect with other editors to fill roles. And shop for additional effects and color tools to further your story.

Run Media Composer virtually

Enable multiple editors to access Media Composer | Ultimate software and projects remotely using an Internet-connected computer or zero client. Simply add the Media Composer | Cloud VM option and you can run the software as “virtual” licenses, accessible from a single server.

Get updates, support, and more

Whether you access Media Composer | Ultimate on a monthly or annual basis, your subscription gives you access to all new releases, ExpertPlus support, and some free gifts to help you get the most out of your experience.

Expand your workflow for maximum efficiency

Simplify and manage post workflows

For post-production teams of 2-25 creatives, MediaCentral | Editorial Management adds powerful workflow and media management capabilities to accelerate production. It enables teams to search for, access, and edit media easily from anywhere. Right in Media Composer or through a web browser.

Capture, monitor, and output video

Pair Media Composer with an Avid Artist I/O interface and experience the fastest way to capture, monitor, and output video. From portable 4K interfaces with onboard DNxHR encoding, to boxes that offer extensive I/O and video over IP, you get the tight integration you need to handle any production.

Keep production moving

With the new Media Composer | Distributed Processing option, you can offload processor-intensive rendering and transcoding tasks to unused or idle networked computers, freeing up Media Composer, so you can keep working instead of waiting for jobs to complete.

Deliver the story on-air first

Need ultra-fast turnaround for breaking news and live sports coverage? Connect Media Composer | Ultimate to FastServe and you can edit footage as it's being captured for immediate playout. Ingest media and make content instantly available while enabling workflows for journalists and craft editors.

Customize and control the experience

Get everything in Media Composer | Ultimate, plus the ability to control and secure your production. Media Composer | Enterprise is the first and only video editing and finishing solution that lets you tailor the interface for any role in your organization, minimizing mistakes, training needs, and leaks.

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