Avid Media Composer Edu Floating License Conversion: 20 Pack

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Avid Media Composer Edu Floating License Conversion: 20 Pack


Avid Media Composer Edu Floating License Conversion: 20 Pack

For large-scale media enterprise, post-production houses, and educational institutions, Avid now offers floating licensing, enabling you to purchase “packs” of shared licenses to deploy across your entire facility using a single system ID. This enables multiple editors to use Media Composer® simultaneously on any number of workstations when licenses are available (not actively in use). Once you close your Media Composer application, the license is automatically returned to the pool of available licenses on the licensing server.

Enjoy easy set-up and administration

Your Media Composer floating license pack purchase comes with easy-to-use Avid Floating License Server software, which enables you to distribute licenses quickly and easily across your facility - on demand - from a single, centralized server. You can install the server software on any standard Windows-based computer (see the system requirements to the right) - simply enter your licensing server address into Media Composer during installation and the rest of the process is automatic.

Once installed, you can access the floating license server from any Windows- or Mac-based client system, making administration and management easy - and super convenient when you're physically not in the facility. And when using a disk image to install multiple Media Composer seats across a facility, simply entering the server address once in the image means the licensing process is completely transparent to end users. 

Get flexible license access

To obtain a floating license, simply open Media Composer on your network-connected computer, and the software automatically connects to your licensing server and issues an available license in the background. In addition - similar to a library - floating licenses can be “checked out” to individual machines, such as a laptop, when you, an editor, or student needs to work off site or at home. Your administrator simply grants these privileges to the requestor, along with an expiration date. This makes it easy to add freelancers or students on a per-project basis, and have the granted licenses automatically returned at the end of the project.

Save time and money

By incorporating floating licensing, you can:

• Maximize your investment, as licenses are only consumed when in use and returned to the server when not, enabling additional editors to connect when licenses become available

• Offer the ability to “check out” licenses - ideal for projects that need to be completed on the road or at home for an extended period of time

• Save countless hours of activation, installation, and upgrade time using Avid's Floating License Server software and your existing hardware to establish a single, centralized licensing server - just activate a pack of licenses, tell Media Composer the server address, and the system will automatically request licenses from the server on the internal network

• Save money and gain more operational flexibility over purchasing individual seats of Media Composer that often go unused when a designated editor or system isn't working

• Gain peace of mind, as all licenses are relinquished to the server when Media Composer closes or times out (if checked out past the expiration date), protecting you from theft

Minimum system requirements

For Avid Floating License Server software:

• Windows-based computer* running one of the following:

• Windows XP SP3 or Later

• Windows Server 2003 SP1 or Later

• 32 or 64-bit OS

• Physical System or Virtual Machine

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