Avid Digilink Cable 25'

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Avid Digilink Cable 25'


Avid Digilink Cable 25'

Connect your Pro Tools | HD interface to your system (available in standard and DigiLink Mini).

Got a Pro Tools | HDX or Pro Tools | HD Native system? Get extra or replacement DigiLink cables to connect your Pro Tools | HD I/O, HD OMNI, and/or HD MADI interface to your system. You can also purchase DigiLink cables in longer lengths - up to 200 feet - to better isolate machine noise-generating CPUs from the interfaces in your control room.

All Pro Tools | HDX and HD Native systems come with one 12-foot DigiLink Mini cable (male-to-male) for connecting the I/O to your CPU. In addition, each Pro Tools | HD Series interface includes one 1.5-foot DigiLink Mini cable (male-to-male) for chaining multiple I/O units together. For older Pro Tools | HD systems and interfaces, standard DigiLink cables are also available. 

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