Avantone Pro PK-1 Pro-Klamp

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Avantone Pro PK-1 Pro-Klamp


Avantone Pro PK-1 Pro-Klamp

Avantone is pleased to introduce the new AVANTONE PK-1 PRO-KLAMP, a professional studio and live sound, drum rim mic mount. The chrome plated PRO-KLAMP blends perfectly with existing drum hardware, and is of all metal construction. PRO-KLAMP has 3 stages of rubber dampening to help isolate the mic from unwanted vibration, insuring a higher quality of sound. PRO-KLAMP's design is finish friendly as well, no more marring the finish of your drums with inferior mic mounts.

Thanks to the rugged and 5 Year warranted design, PRO-KLAMP can be set up on the rim of your drums and simply left in place.? When you are set up and ready to play PRO-KLAMP is already waiting for you.? Clip in the mic and get to making music!

PRO-KLAMP works exceptionally well on Toms and Snares. No cheap plastic parts to worry about, no special adapters required. Mount it and make music. PRO-KLAMP has a 5 YEAR WARRANTY, and is priced well within reach of any musician. PRO-KLAMP accepts all standard 5/8"-27 thread mic clip attachments.

Designed for :

* Professional Use

* Stability

* Durability

* Ease of Setup

* Proper Mic placement

* Superior Acoustic Isolation



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