Auralex Streamer Starter Kit

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Auralex Streamer Starter Kit


Auralex Streamer Starter Kit

Whether on Twitch, a vlog, or live on Facebook, streaming has always been about the community to which you speak. You may have a fantastic computer, monitors, and microphone, but you need a great-sounding room to deliver outstanding audio and a high-quality experience. The Streamer Starter™ Kit provides quick and aesthetically pleasing control to your creative space to maximize your viewers enjoyment!


  • Reduces reverberation and echoes
  • Improves speech clarity
  • Multiple design options


  • (10) DST-112™ panels (charcoal)
  • (10) DST-114™ panels (charcoal/purple/burgundy)
  • (40) EZ-Stick Pro™ Tabs



  • EZ-Stick Pro™ Tabs require a clean, flat surface for installation
  • Apply pressure per the EZ-Stick Pro Tabs guide
  • EZ-Stick Pro Tabs are a permanent installation and will damage the wall when removed

When a word is spoken inside a room, the sound spreads throughout the room, hits hard surfaces, and bounces off in various directions. These reflections cause reverberation and significantly impact the quality of audio recordings. By adding absorption from your studio starter kit, particularly in areas of direct reflection (where your mouth or speakers are pointing), reverberation is decreased, and recording fidelity is improved.

How well a product absorbs sound is based on many conditions, such as the type of material, its thickness and its shape. The properties of absorption also change based on frequency. High frequencies are more easily absorbed than low frequencies. Sound absorption is measured at l/3rd octaves, and its performance is called its absorption coefficient. The average absorption is calculated in NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficients). If an absorber has an NRC of 1, all sound that strikes the panel is theoretically absorbed. An NRC of 0 means no sound was absorbed. The DST Absorption panels, included in the Auralex Streamer Starter Kit, have an NRC of 0.75, meaning 75% of sounds that hit the panels are absorbed. An NRC of .75 is a perfect NRC for recording vlogs, podcasts, and general streaming. Click the Streamer Starter Kit Product Documentation for more performance data.

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