Auralex SonoLite Panels - Pair

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Auralex SonoLite Panels - Pair


Auralex SonoLite Panels - Pair

The Auralex SonoLite™ panel offers great absorption performance in a lightweight and slim 1″ profile. At the core of each panel is our high performance Studiofoam®, allowing the SonoLite™ wall panel to achieve an NRC rating of 0.80. Offered in 10 attractive velour fabric color options, they are designed to mount to flat walls and ceilings. For added low-frequency control, consider using SonoLite™ Bass Traps in the corners of your room. If you are looking for a full wall treatment set, have a look at the SonoLite™ Cloud Panel System above the listening/mix position to complete the whole room treatment package.


  • All Colors Are Sold As 2-Packs
  • Overall NRC = 0.80
  • SonoLite Dimensions: 1″ Thick x 24” x 24”
  • Wall Mounted Acoustical Absorption Panels
  • Reduce Unwanted Acoustical Reflections
  • Tame Chaotic Reverberation
  • Affordable Absorption Solution For Professional & Residential Settings

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