Auralex SonoColumns

$ 525.99

SonoColumns™ are an excellent way to tame low-frequency anomalies in your room, and offer great decorative alternatives. SonoColumns are sold in sets of four.

The 4’ long SonoColumns™ are designed to be stacked on top of one another to create an 8’ fluted column anywhere on the wall. They also have the ability to be placed in the corners where bass build-up is most often present.

In combination with other Auralex Studiofoam® products, SonoColumns™ provide an endless number of design alternatives, allowing you to create your own distinctive look, while still offering great acoustic treatment.

SonoCollars™ (Sold separately as an accessory to SonoColumns™) are designed to work with SonoColumns™ by acting as a column cap to provide the finishing touch to the column.

SonoCollars™ are useful in filling any gap between the top of an 8 foot column and the ceiling.