Auralex ProGo 44 - Stand Mounted Absorbers

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Auralex ProGo 44 - Stand Mounted Absorbers


Auralex ProGo 44 - Stand Mounted Absorbers

Auralex ProGO™ Baffle is a portable, lightweight and highly efficient absorber that’s effective on stage, in the classroom, in home theaters, in hi-fi listening spaces, in the studio and more. ProGO™ is short for Professional Gobo (a gobo is a freestanding acoustical treatment device usually used in studios), but don't let the name limit the innovating qualities of this highly adaptable device.

This portable absorber consists of a custom, two-sided ProPanel™ assembly, fitted into a custom, black, melamine-laminated base that can be outfitted with optional casters for increased portability. The ProGO™, available in 2’ x 6’ x 4” or 4’ x 4’ x 4” configurations, rests in the included floor stand, and is easily moved to accommodate any setup. It’s perfect for controlling early reflections, and is also highly effective as a bass trap when stood across a room’s corners. The ProGO™ is an ideal solution for any space where boundary-mounted, acoustical treatments might not be desirable. The ProGO™ can be used to minimize sound leakage between instruments, amps and vocalists during recording sessions or live performances, while retaining line of sight with performers.

Users will be able to dial in just the right amount of room ambiance by varying the position and number of ProGOs™, and can quickly put together an enclosed booth within a larger space by utilizing multiple ProGOs™ in any given array.


  • Portable absorption treatment
  • Reduces excessive reverberation
  • Minimize sound leakage
  • Base and Casters come w/ ProGO™
  • ProGO™ is expandable for a wide variety of applications
  • Available in both 2’ x 6’ x 4” and 4’ x 4’ x 4” models with optional casters

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