Auralex ProducerMAX Kit

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Auralex ProducerMAX Kit


Auralex ProducerMAX Kit

Mobile. Absorptive. eXpandable.

The ProducerMAX™ Kit is a versatile and easily-configured acoustic treatment solution for recording that can also be quickly positioned to create an accurate monitoring and mixing environment.

(6) ProMAX™ V2  Panels (with stands)
(1) DeskMAX™ (Pair, w/ round based floor stands instead of desk stands) [2 total panels]
(2) Studio6™ (w/round base stand)
(1) Pair of ProPAD™ Isolation Platforms

Auralex MAX Kits™ help bridge the gap between our Portable Treatment products and our line of full-room treatment systems. They are perfect for any scenario where permanent treatment can’t be used or where a temporary acoustic barrier is necessary. Each kit combines multiple stand-mounted, Portable Treatment items with an ISO Series® item for instrument or monitor isolation to provide an adaptable, acoustic treatment solution for all frequency ranges and nearly any space.

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