Auralex Podcast Starter Kit

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Auralex Podcast Starter Kit


Auralex Podcast Starter Kit

Over time, many podcasters develop a rapport with their fans, and the fans feel like they know their favorite podcasters intimately. By improving your audio quality, you strengthen that bond and the overall enjoyment of listening to your podcast. The Podcast Starter Kit gives you a versatile and quick improvement to your room, so you get the most out of your microphone, voice, and time with listeners.

Two options:

The Podcast Starter Kit flagship version is designed primarily for a single user needing moderate acoustic treatment in a small space — one DeskMAX™ Home Office panel and (16) Studiofoam® Wedgies™ are included.

For podcasters looking for additional absorption, the Podcast Starter Kit Plus includes two DeskMAX™ Home Office panels and (16) Studiofoam® Wedgies™.

Studiofoam® Wedgies™ mount directly to standard drywall, or other rigid construction materials, with the included EZ-Stick Pro™ Tabs. Be advised that the EZ-Stick Pro™ Tabs are designed for permanent installations and will damage drywall and painted surfaces when removed.

Kit Includes:

(16) Studiofoam Wedgies (charcoal)

Podcast Starter Kit< flagship model: (1) DeskMAX Home Office (charcoal/purple/burgundy) | Podcast Starter Kit Plus: (2) DeskMAX Home Office (charcoal/purple/burgundy), both options include stands

(32) EZ-Stick Pro Tabs

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