Auralex Mega LENRD Bass Traps

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Auralex Mega LENRD Bass Traps


Auralex Mega LENRD Bass Traps

LENRD®, which stands for Low-End Node Reduction Device, is the original commercially available corner bass trap.  LENRD is a one-of-a-kind design and is made from genuine Auralex® Studiofoam®, the world standard since 1977.

LENRDs will do a fantastic job of controlling your low-frequency issues — at a great price and in a stylish, easy-to-implement device that our most famous clients depend on.  We guarantee that you've heard LENRDs at work on some of your favorite recordings, TV shows, commercials, video games and major motion pictures over the last quarter century.

LENRD users, including major studio designers, report that LENRDs outperform bulky and far more expensive corner bass traps. In fact, one designer even cast aside his own 600-pound device — that took four people to lift into position! — in favor of using LENRDs in his top-shelf studio designs. Other studio designers have reported they were, quote, “amazed” by LENRD's effectiveness.  So, you can definitely  trust LENRDs to smooth out your troublesome low-frequency anomalies and deliver you a more true-to-life recording, listening and mixing experience.

In addition to their fantastic acoustical performance, LENRDs also deliver on safety. See the video below (or here), which demonstrates how a blowtorch won’t even catch a LENRD on fire, but will quickly engulf a piece of cheap knockoff foam.  Yikes.

Make the smart, easy, affordable choice today.  Trust Auralex LENRD Bass Traps to tame the low-frequency resonance issues that are messing up your sound and degrading your enjoyment!

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