Auralex MAX-Wall 831

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Auralex MAX-Wall 831


Auralex MAX-Wall 831

The MAX-Wall™ is a portable, acoustic treatment system with excellent broadband absorption, and a fairly high degree of isolation, by virtue of the thickness and density of the panels.  Its NRC rating is 1.05, it comes in three primary colors, and is available in a variety of sizes.  The patented, modular, interlocking design, allows for adjustable panel height and a gap-free enclosure that offers seemingly endless configuration possibilities. Each panel is 48" wide and 20″ tall, with a thickness of 4″.

Most MAX-Wall™ models come complete with MAX-Stands™. Plus, for those instances where sight lines are desirable, an acrylic window MAX-Wall™ panel is also offered.  Bonus Tips:  Position MAX-Wall™ panels behind you when mixing and you’ll be amazed at how much better you hear into the source material. Also, position your MAX-Wall™ a few inches out from the rear wall of your control room, where it will function as a very effective axial mode bass trap.

MAX-Wall™ stands for Mobile Absorptive eXpandable Wall


  • Variety Of Sizes Available (All 4.25″ thick Studiofoam®)
  • Excellent Broadband Absorption
  • 3 Color Options (Charcoal, Burgundy & Purple)
  • Adjustable Height

MAX-Wall™ 831 Includes:

  • (8) MAX-Wall™ Panels

  • (1) Window Kit

  • (3) MW Stands

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