Auralex Studiofoam 2" Sonomatt-48"

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Auralex Studiofoam 2" Sonomatt-48"


Auralex Studiofoam 2" Sonomatt-48"

Studiofoam® SonoMatt™ acoustical foam panels are cut in the industry standard “eggcrate” style to keep the price low, but still outperforms competing “premium” brands that cost way more! Due to the manufacturing process we use, Sonomatt’s™ dimple pattern may not be square to the edges of the panels, so installing them side by side is not advised from a visual consistency standpoint. 


  • Overall NRC = 0.70
  • Meets flammability standard UL 94 HF-1
  • Available in Charcoal


  • EZ-Stick Pro™ Tabs
  • Tubetak Pro™
  • Foamtak™
  • Temp•Tabs™

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