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$ 20,500.00


Introducing the AUGSPURGER® Treo 812CFM Close Field Main monitoring system.

Who else can bring you a 3-way full-range active monitor designed for modern recording and production?

Imagine having the power and detail of a true Augspurger® system in a wonderfully compact format that offers legendary precision with extendd low frequency extension, all without losing any of Augspurger's powerful DSP for system control and acoustical integration into your environment.

This new 3-way design features mirror-imaged cabinets housing an 8” low/mid driver, a 4” 99.98% pure beryllium HF compression driver on our rock maple MF “Mid Field” horn and a 12” integrated and isolated subwoofer, mounted on a 1.5” thick MDF front baffle.

Sporting in-room frequency response of 24 Hz - 20 kHz and output of 124 dB SPL, Augspurger® delivers a new standard in powerful, full-range monitoring.

The Treo 812 CFM is both compact and powerful with cabinet dimensions (WxHxD) of 28” x20.675” x 17.5” and a cabinet-mounted 1250 watt 3-way Class D amplifier with active DSP to provide individual system tuning for every room.

Each system is expertly hand built and tested in Hanover, MA USA

Brief System Description

Included: ·

  • Two Treo 812CFM cabinets 
  • Eight IsoBass Blocks for decoupling the cabinets,
  • Two Augspurger® Power SXE-3D 3-way DSP amplifiers,
  • Two 15 ft. 4-conductor Klotz-AIS Speaker cables with NL-4 Speakon connectors (MF/HF),
  • Two 15 ft. 2-conductor Klotz-AIS Speaker Cables with NL-2 Speakon connectors (LF),
  • One Augspurger® Network Switch with CAT cables.


The speakers come standard in a matte black finish, Custom high gloss automotive paint finishes are available in any color to complement your room decor. Call for custom paint pricing.



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