Augspurger® ISO-Bass Blocks

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Augspurger® ISO-Bass Blocks


Augspurger® ISO-Bass Blocks

Isobass Pucks utilize EVA (Extreme Vibration Attenuation), the latest generation in vibration dampening technology. In the most severe vibration extremes, testing shows the Isobass Puck EVA pad outperforms cork and rubber by greater than 3:1 and outperforms competitor’s “waffle” pad by greater than 8:1! The enhanced performance comes from the special composite foam center which is structurally more sound than cork. Isobass Puck EVA is not affected by oils or chemicals that can break down cork and is much more effective at vibration dampening than solid rubber. Designed to withstand 50 psi.
  • The latest generation in vibration dampening technology
  • Effectively isolates loudspeakers
  • Eliminates vibrational transfer of energy -De-couples and silences mechanical noise
ISO-Bass Blocks are a unique and cost-effective solution to the most challenging noise introduced by vibrational transmission of energy in a monitor loudspeaker system.

The transverse-scored pads reduce the surface area twice gaining up to a 75% reduction in contact coupling area compared to regular rubber isolation. Three layers of differing materials absorb different frequencies, further creating isolation of the speaker cabinets from one another and from the installation environment. Outperforms cork 3:1!!

Available in:
  • 2" x 2" x .875"
  • 4" x 4" x .875"
Top and bottom anti-skid surface = high-quality styrene butadiene rubber

Core vibration dampening material = EVA polymetric foam material. Designed to withstand up to 50 PSI!

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