Augspurger® Duo 15 Passive Main Monitors, PAIR

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Augspurger® Duo 15 Passive Main Monitors, PAIR


Augspurger® Duo 15 Passive Main Monitors, PAIR

Passive vertical 2 X 15 cabinet with drivers - no amps/crossovers. PAIR

The Duo 15 incorporates a pair of dual 15” drivers with a compression driver feeding a hardwood horn in a VERTICAL DʼAppolito array for precise imaging and optimal phase coherency.

The cabinets feature Augspurgerʼs® proprietary drivers, which are the result of years of design, field testing and refinement. The end result is a system that is extremely accurate and linear, while providing power and impact like no other monitoring system. Optional Class-D amplifiers are available to create power up to 3850W per side.

Free-standing or soffitable.

Subwoofers are available in 1X18 and 2X18 sizes. 

  • 2x15" Vertical Cabinet with dual 15" low freqency drivers,  Compression driver with 4" voice coil and 2" throat with beryllium diaphragm  feeding proprietary wooden horn. 

Dims: 47.5"H x 26W" x 18”D.  cm: 120.65 x 66.04 x 45.72 

    The speakers come standard in a matte black finish, Custom high gloss automotive paint finishes are available in any color to complement your room decor. Call for custom paint pricing.

    Breathtaking Power. Unmistakable Clarity



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