Augspurger Duo 12MF-S212-DSP3 (Preowned)

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Augspurger Duo 12MF-S212-DSP3 (Preowned)


Augspurger Duo 12MF-S212-DSP3 (Preowned)

Augspurger Duo 12MF-S212-DSP3 (Preowned)

2 x Two way monitor cabinets loaded with two 12” LF driver
and one 4’’ high compression driver with beryllium diaphragm
powering Augspurger rock maple wood horn.

Matte Silver

2 x Augspurger SUB212 Subwoofer cabinets with two 12" sub driver each.
Matte Silver

2 x Augspurger DSP-3 three way D class amplifier modules (1000W, 1000W, 500W) with Active DSP providing crossover, limiting driver alignment system equalization and control Software

Cabling is included.

Shipping and insurance additional and quoted at a later date.

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