Audix ADX40

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Audix ADX40


Audix ADX40

Audix ADX40

The ADX40 is a miniaturized condenser microphone designed to hang from an overhead position for applications such as group vocals, choir, theatrical production and room ambience. Having a uniformly controlled cardioid polar pattern, the ADX40 helps isolate the area or section being miked from other vocals or instruments on stage. The ADX40 is also available in a hypercardioid polar pattern for tighter pick-up control. With a wide frequency range of 40 Hz - 20 kHz, the ADX40 provides natural sound with exceptional sound response.The ADX40 is supplied with an attached 30' shielded cable, external windscreen, wire hanger for positioning and phantom power adapter. 9 -52V phantom required.

Model Variations:
ADX40W - Cardioid (White finish, white wire hanger, white cable)
ADX40HC - Hypercardioid (Black)
ADX40WHC - Hypercardioid (White)

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