Arturia Mini V4 License

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Arturia Mini V4 License


Arturia Mini V4 License

The most recognizable monosynth on the planet, reincarnated. Mini V captures the magic of the instrument that put iconic lead and bass sounds into the hands of musicians. Brought to life with next generation modeling, add compelling synth sounds to any track with luscious detail and dynamic drive.

DNA preserved,
sound set alight

Timeless and iconic, the full and famed sound of the Mini continues to leave a mark on music culture.

A potent lead and bass synth actualised with True Analog Emulation®, that recreates the awe-inspiring character of vintage analog circuits. Mini V offers a remarkable musical experience - continuing its legacy and expanding its capabilities.

True sound

Mini V’s precise emulation and sonic accuracy is simply unparalleled. The 3 OSC fatness, the super-rich ladder filter — it’s all there.

Analog feel

You’ll love the attention to detail and authenticity we put into the Mini V interface - stripped back to its core essence, with plenty of ways to tweak your sound just the way you like it.

Versatile sound

Whether punching nostalgic Boards of Canada keys or shredding retro solos, Mini V’s iconic sound is genre-fluid.

Up to date

Adjustable polyphony, versatile effects, and modulation options provide accessible and advanced settings without compromising its inner core.

Don't just
take our word

Explore the powerful and diverse sounds of Mini V.

A reference for bass and lead synthesis, after its legendary analog ancestor. Mini V’s sound goes above and beyond in terms of detail and drive.

Mini by name,
Massive by nature

From classic prog and funk to mainstream pop, hip-hop and electronica, everyone fell in love with the Minimoog.

The Minimoog put the essentials of wall-filling modular synths into a package everyday musicians could afford, and take to the gig. The rest is history.

While Minimoog was not the first synthesizer, it was definitely the one that got most people’s attention. Robert Moog, whose name is synonymous with synths, had already seen his modular systems succeed and even cross into popular musical culture thanks to musicians like Wendy Carlos and Keith Emerson. Towards the late 1960s, though, demand for a truly portable and user-friendly way to get that soaring sound was building, and sales of the large and expensive modulars were slowing.

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