Arturia KORG MS-20 V License - Primal black monolith

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Arturia KORG MS-20 V License - Primal black monolith


Arturia KORG MS-20 V License - Primal black monolith

KORG MS-20 V is a virtual instrument for sound explorers in search of the meaner side of analog. From punchy analog textures to abrasive screaming sounds, explore a flawless emulation of a primal instrument overflowing with attitude and streamlined for modern production.

The analogelemental

KORG MS-20 V unites screaming oscillators and filters with a semi-modular architecture and cutting-edge upgrades for a monstrous virtual instrument that transcends subtractive synthesis.

Explore the darker side of analog and effortlessly immerse your mix in the unearthly sounds of a machine that takes no prisoners - shuddering detuned basslines, snappy resonant thuds, and howling hard-sync melodies await.

Harnessing chaos

If raw energy had a sound, this would be it. KORG MS-20 V channels the high-voltage sound and hacked-circuit quality of an iconic beast of a synth, and the resulting sound is every bit as primal and fearsome as it always was. Do you dare tame it?

The test of time

A machine that’s remained unchanged since its release four decades ago, yet remains a production go-to for screaming leads, seismic wobbling basses, and edgy pulse width textures. KORG MS-20 V virtualizes this ageless analog monster for your DAW workflow.


KORG MS-20 V already sounds impressively gnarly from the first note - but when you patch into its circuitry and manipulate its signal path, you’ll unleash its true mind-bending potential. Twist, transform, and torment its sound by creating your own connections.

Streamlined, sharpened

We didn’t stop at making the most authentic MS-20 emulation possible; this instrument has been retrofitted with modern functionality, including 6-voice polyphony with unison, a built-in sequencer, expanded voicing, and FX, perfectly suited to contemporary EDM, urban, and pop production.

A meanermonosynth

KORG’s original MS-20 was released in 1978, during a period considered by many to be the golden age of analog synthesizers.

This was a blessing and curse; these instruments had never been more in vogue, but there was also plenty of competition.

Surprisingly, the MS-20 was preceded by a range of polyphonic instruments, KORG’s PS Series. The company wanted to cram as much functionality into as little space as possible, something that was notoriously difficult with analog polysynths. It was this design principle, however, that led them to creating an accompanying monosynth - enter MS-20.

Main Features

  • Virtual Instruments playable in a DAW (Live, FL Studio, Logic,...) or standalone with a MIDI keyboard.
  • Software emulation of original MS-20 designed in partnership with KORG
  • Dual VCOs with Noise, PWM, Ring Mod, Hard-Sync, and Frequency Modulation
  • High-pass and Low-pass filters modeled on KORG IC-35 and OTA chips
  • Modulation Generator LFO with morphing waveforms
  • Dual Envelope Generators with Looping/Snappy modes
  • External Signal Processor module with Envelope Follower and sidechaining
  • Patch Bay for semi-modular signal customization
  • Built-in 3-channel 12-step sequencer based on KORG SQ-10
  • 16 FX across 4 slots, configurable in series or parallel
  • Expanded 6-voice polyphony with Unison mode
  • MTS-ESP microtuning compatibility
  • MPE compatibility

Platform specifications


  • Win 10+ (64bit)
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 4 cores CPU, 3.4 GHz (4.0 GHz Turbo-boost)
  • 3GB free hard disk space
  • OpenGL 2.0 compatible GPU

Required configuration

  • Works in Standalone, VST, AAX, Audio Unit, NKS (64-bit DAWs only).


  • Mac OS 10.13+
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 4 cores CPU, 3.4 GHz (4.0 GHz Turbo-boost) or M1 CPU
  • 3GB free hard disk space
  • OpenGL 2.0 compatible GPU

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