Arturia Jun-6 V License - Instant Analog Love

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Arturia Jun-6 V License - Instant Analog Love


Arturia Jun-6 V License - Instant Analog Love

Jun-6 V is pure analog spirit presented on a silver platter. Modeled on the legendary Juno-6, its immediate colossal sound remains awe-inspiring to this day - optimized and enhanced for the modern music maker.

Jun-6 V combines beautiful polysynth thickness with an ultra-easy interface to satisfy your analog needs from the very first note. Its simple controls, accessible creative features, and modern enhancements make it an essential keyboard that you’ll just keep coming back to.

Jun-6 V’s sound

Chords that'll shake the foundations, textures that'll illuminate the sky, and unison bass that'll leave your audience speechless. When you want instant mix-filling analog fatness, Jun-6 V is the answer. Your ticket to no-nonsense ‘80s synth glory.

Simplifying polyphony

Jun-6 V channels the instant-access polyphonic formula that put the Juno series on the map, making massive chords and real analog textures easier than ever to find in your DAW.

The stereo synth

With stereo outputs and a built-in chorus circuit that’s almost as iconic as the synth itself. Jun-6 V creates extra-wide sounds that’ll fill out your mix in no time.

Analog remade

Using our exclusive TAE® technology, every circuit and part of this polysynth icon has been re-engineered to behave just like the original, putting authentic Juno sound in your hands.

Iconic, irresistible

The sounds made famous by countless artists for the past 4 decades, from Eurythmics to Enya, New Order to The Weeknd, captured in a singularly faithful softsynth.

Polyphonyto the masses

Jun-6 V's hardware predecessor was released at a time when a polyphonic synth was a luxury. Many consider the Juno series to have struck a rare and perfect balance when it comes to synthesizer design. Their ease of use, vivid analog sound, and relative affordability helped put the coveted multi-voiced within reach of a bigger audience.

Simple layouts, DCO tuning stability, and deceptively massive sound. The Juno family left a lasting impression on the music world. From the glossy pop stylings of A-ha, to the signature sci-fi atmospheres of Vangelis, to being a pivotal character on the Chicago house scene, their influence was undeniable.

The first model, the Juno-6, was unveiled in 1982, at a time when synthesizers were expanding and competing for broader sound palettes, a higher voice count, more controls. This was just a year after the release of Roland’s polysynth behemoth, the Jupiter-8.

Main Features

  • A next generation component-level model of the Roland Juno-6
  • State of the art analog Chorus reproduction
  • 3 Voice calibration states for true analog realism
  • Free-running phase oscillator with up to 36 voices of polyphony
  • Unison & Portamento
  • Voice detune control for analog pitch behavior
  • Arpeggiator
  • Customisable Chord mode
  • Performance optimised controls (Bender, Mod and assignable keyboard parameters)
  • Extra LFO and Envelope for enhanced modulation capabilities
  • Built in modulable Delay and Reverb
  • Advanced Brightness, Timbre, Time and Movement macro controls
  • Built in tutorials
  • +180 factory presets

Platform specifications


  • Win 8.1+ (64bit)
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 2.5 GHz CPU
  • 2GB free hard disk space
  • OpenGL 2.0 compatible GPU

Required configuration

  • Works in Standalone, VST, AAX, Audio Unit, NKS (64-bit DAWs only).


  • Mac OS 10.13+
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 2.5 GHz CPU
  • 2GB free hard disk space
  • OpenGL 2.0 compatible GPU


  • The software is protected by the Arturia Software Center.

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