Arturia FX Collection 5 - Reference effects for music makers

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Arturia FX Collection 5 - Reference effects for music makers


Arturia FX Collection 5 - Reference effects for music makers

A selection of 34 studio mixing tools and creative production effects, from authentic analog emulations to innovative modern plugins - engineered to help you discover your unique sound and make it impactful.

Enhance, reshape

From vintage sound coloring to innovative sonic textures, FX Collection 5 offers an unparalleled range of expertly modeled outboard gear and modern effects to enhance your sound, place it in a mix and transform it into something entirely new.

From classic to contemporary audio processing

Essential, iconic, and inspiring effects fit for every musical style, from the most sought-after studio classics to transformative audio shaping - distilled into a single collection that covers all production bases and mixing needs.

From studio mixing to creative production

Equal parts precision mixing toolbox and transformative sound processing suite: FX Collection 5 comprises a multifaceted array of audio tools that lets you go from advanced audio enhancement to finding your unique sound.

Intuitively designed with modern enhancements

An artful balance between ease of use, visual appeal and deep effect customization: FX Collection 5 lets you achieve instantaneous results or create and save your own patches with a seamless user experience for both beginner and advanced users.

Built-upon advanced modeling technologies

Combining state-of-the-art digital signal processing with decades of experience recreating the warmth and character of analog equipment in the digital domain - FX Collection 5 delivers unparalleled sonic precision across the range.

What’s new in FX Collection 5
Studio Mixing tools

Glue your instruments into the mix, add space and ensure consistency, clarity and punch. These tools are instrumental in bringing out the best in a sound and achieving a polished result.

What’s new in FX Collection 5
Creative Production tools

Alter the color of your sound and add some texture, character and movement. These tools allow you to reshape and transform your sound with instant gratification.

Main Features

  • 34 software effects, spanning distortion, compression, filtering, mix bus, delay, reverb, modulation, creative and preamps
  • Vintage effects modernized with contemporary features like side-chaining, mid-side processing, envelope followers, look-ahead tracking and more.
  • Original creative effects for modern, experimental sound design
  • Beautiful high-res 4K interfaces
  • 1400+ expertly-crafted presets with sound designer notes and parameter highlights
  • Every effect can be used in your DAW as a VST, VST3, AU, or AAX plug-in
  • In-app tutorials to help you learn and grow with each plug-in
  • NKS-ready
  • Apple Silicon CPU compatible

34 Software titles

  • Dist OPAMP-21
  • Tape MELLO-FI
  • Pre 1973
  • Pre TRIDA
  • Pre V76
  • Rotary CLS-222
  • Rev LX-24
  • Rev PLATE-140
  • Rev SPRING-636
  • Delay TAPE-201
  • Delay BRIGADE
  • Delay ETERNITY
  • Bus PEAK
  • Bus EXCITER-104
  • Bus FORCE
  • Comp DIODE-609
  • Eq SITRAL-295
  • Chorus DIMENSION-D
  • Phaser BI-TRON
  • Flanger BL-20
  • Chorus JUN-6
  • Comp VCA-65
  • Comp TUBE-STA
  • Comp FET-76
  • Filter MS-20
  • Filter MINI
  • Filter SEM
  • Filter M12

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