Arturia EQ SITRAL-295 - Transistor tone sweetener

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Arturia EQ SITRAL-295 - Transistor tone sweetener


Arturia EQ SITRAL-295 - Transistor tone sweetener

EQ SITRAL-295 is a highly musical equalizer effect based on an elusive transistor broadcast console, known for its warm, characterful sound. Bring out the energy in your EQ with an injection of vintage sweetness and analog attitude in equal measure.

Instant hi-fisound

Some see the humble EQ as a go-to mix fixer; a repair tool to fill any gaps in your sound.

We see it as a vital ingredient to any sonic recipe, and one that deserves an identity of its own. It’s not just about how you use your EQ - a boost here, a cut there - it’s about the EQ you choose.

EQ SITRAL-295 is an equalizer designed to make sound-shaping interesting, faithfully modeled after the classic siemens™ Sitral modules and reimagined for modern production. From delicate tweaks to bold frequency carving, it’s designed to enliven your stems, bus tracks, and final mixes alike with precision, confidence, and charm.

When it comes to EQ, give your production the class it deserves; stunning broadcast-quality presence, immersive stereo depth, and the delicate harmonic crunch that only analog gear can invoke.

Immediate presence

A couple of quick tweaks will make any sound bigger, brighter, and bolder in the mix, thanks to EQ SITRAL-295’s distinctly soulful response - or whack it on your stereo master bus for a pristine final touch - you’ll be amazed at the difference.

Authentic analog character

Grainy, warm, responsive, dynamic; all of the sonic qualities that make classic studio gear so appealing and respected, in your DAW and just a click away. Our detailed component-level emulation captures every drop of analog flavor for your production.

Immediate controls

Rather than spend ages carefully dialling in frequencies, take bold leaps with stepped parameters, authentically based on the siemens™ Sitral consoles’ notched controls - or you can make them continuous if you’d prefer.

Stereo customization

Enjoy bespoke stereo enhancement with dual channels that can be assigned to left and right or used for mid-side EQ processing - ensuring every frequency is on point across the stereo field. EQ SITRAL-295 can also run in mono for that focused, retro effect.

Vintage EQmade easy

Combining multiple broadcast modules of ‘70s German origin into a single plugin, EQ SITRAL-295 lets you enjoy instant access to a timeless studio sound, simmering with transistor warmth, and capable of hi-fi equalization to whatever degree of detail you need - clean, precise, simple, and beautiful.

It doesn’t end there though; a number of enhanced new features ensure that this EQ surpasses the capabilities of its broadcast console predecessor.

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