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B-3 V is the most authentic and soulful software emulation of the legendary tonewheel organ and rotary speaker available today. It puts all the classic sound plus a slew of state-of-the-art sonic extras at your fingertips.

The ultimatevirtual organ

B-3 V captures all the grit, grind, and greatness of the classic tonewheel organ and rotary speaker, then adds modulation, FX, and sound design options perfect for modern music.

Vital to rock, jazz, gospel, R&B, soul, reggae, and house, the iconic organ could go from gentle to roaring on a dime. Players carried the 400-pound beast to gigs. Any serious studio had to have one. With B-3 V, you’ll have all the character and attitude of the genuine article in a form that fits seamlessly into today’s musical workflows.

Yesterday, Meet Tomorrow

First things first: B-3 V takes this organ’s incredible legacy seriously. But the power of software also performs tricks you couldn’t dream of on the original.

Absolutely Authentic

We’ve precisely modeled the tonewheel organ’s components and how they interact using the same TAE® technology as in our award-winning V Collection, resulting in an instrument that not only sounds but behaves just like the real thing.

Whisper to Scream

Craft lilting ballad tones or pull more drawbars, crank up the tube preamp drive, and rock out. B-3 V delivers.

’Round in Circles

The rotary speaker is a crucial part of the spacious sound we know and love, and B-3 V’s built-in emulation reproduces it with unparalleled accuracy.

Stage and Studio

Record tonewheel tracks that fit perfectly in your project mix or take advantage of B-3 V’s CPU efficiency onstage. (Warning: Keyboardists in the crowd will demand to know what you’re playing!)

The muscle car ofkeyboards

“That sound” even non-musicians recognize. Loved by jazz greats Jimmy Smith and Shirley Scott; rockers Keith Emerson, Yes, Deep Purple, and Santana; and soul giant Booker T. Jones.

A staple of reggae. The bassline on countless house tracks. And it was never supposed to be any of that.

The creators of the tonewheel organ saw it as the centerpiece of the family living room and a solution for churches that could not afford pipe organs. The world had larger plans.
The tonewheel organ was the brainchild of clockmaker Laurens Hammond and inventor John Hanert, who together released the first version in 1935. The most recognizable and sought-after model, the B-3, had an amazing production run from 1954 to 1974.


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