Arturia Augmented YANGTZE License

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Arturia Augmented YANGTZE License


Arturia Augmented YANGTZE License

Augmented YANGTZE is a software instrument that unites the unique essence of traditional Chinese instruments with the raw power of synthesis. Discover a spectrum of Chinese musical motifs and modern textures brought to life with experimental processing.


An exploration of China's rich musical heritage, seamlessly woven into the fabric of modern sound design.

Augmented YANGTZE blends meticulous sampling with innovative multilayered synthesis for a sound that transcends traditional musical boundaries. From the rich, earthy tones of the bass Dizi and Xiao to the sparkling overtones of the Yangqin and Erhu to the soulful plucked strings of the Pipa and Guqin - each timbre is presented with unparalleled clarity and depth. Whether you’re a composer, producer or sound designer, dive into a wellspring of expressive, textural soundscapes.

Bowed, plucked and more

Augmented YANGTZE offers a rich and uniquely textured palette of sounds from China’s most well-known traditional instruments. Explore 200 presets and discover breathtaking soundscapes with the Bass Dizi & Xiao, Pipa, Guqin, Yangqin and Erhu.

Layer your own sound

Build your own ensemble with Augmented YANGTZE’s multi-engine flexibility. Experiment with 2 layers, each containing 2 sound sources, and weave your own custom combination of sampling and synthesis for a convergence of acoustic textures and professional grade effects.

Authentic to abstract

Immersive, warped, traditional, transcendent and everything in between. 6 instruments, 38 articulations, 30 processed & multisample articulations, 4 types of synthesis, 2 sampler engines and built-in FX - explore a near-limitless spectrum of composition-ready textures and timbres.

Morphing power

Augmented YANGTZE’s library is designed to be morphed, giving you a truly unique & ever-evolving sound at the turn of a wheel. Augment music tradition into otherworldly sonic rendition, for a contemporary take on classic instruments.

Transform sound instantly

Enhance your sound with intuitive modulation using a streamlined set of macro controls and insert effects. Adjust your parameters with ease for both subtle changes and dramatic transformations - from cutoff color to call-and-response delay. 

Deeper customization

Quickly select, morph and adjust a dynamic hybrid sound from the main instrument view, or dig deeper in the advanced panel for access to intricate modulation, arpeggiation, custom sound sources, and more.

of sound

Morph to discover a unity of opposites - between natural and artificial

On one side, a library of enhanced organic sounds. On the other, 4 ultra-powerful synth engines - Augmented YANGTZE invites ou to dance between the two to discover totally unique and evocative composition textures.


Recorded with precision, Augmented YANGTZE's sample library embodies the unique spirit of its source, enabling deeply evocative compositions - whether you seek a dynamic textural melody of a lone Erhu or the intricate rhythms of a Guqin or Pipa.


Powered by 4 synth engines including Virtual Analog, Granular, Wavetable, Harmonic, and the Simpler engine - discover evolving ambiences, experimental processing and dynamic after-effects designed to blend and converge with Augmented YANGTZE’s evocative sample library.

and intuitive

Leap into creativity with Augmented YANGTZE's user-friendly interface.

Designed for swift navigation, discover an instrument that facilitates immediate sound sculpting without sacrificing depth. Harness the vast library of presets and accessible controls to realize your vision quickly and efficiently, whether shaping a vivid Pipa solo or orchestrating a complex, layered soundscape.


Move seamlessly between organic and synthetic, create a dense tapestry of layered sound with a single sweep of Augmented YANGTZE’s central Morph control. A whole new dimension of authentic and abstract sound within one preset.


Time, Motion: For quick expressive changes and to add-in some movement or refine the timbral character. Augmented YANGTZE’s macros offer instinctive control over several parameters simultaneously, chosen based on the dynamics of each unique preset.


Delay, Reverb: Shape the final stages of Augmented YANGTZE’s sound path. Introduce your own custom FX slots, or dial in some ambience with the dedicated Delay and Reverb master FX. Whether you’re looking for the right atmosphere, or sounds altered beyond recognition, these simple controls guarantee quick and inspiring results.

sound design

Push the boundaries of what's possible with Augmented YANGTZE's Advanced panel - to rearrange, modulate, and arpeggiate your hybrid ensemble.

Augmented YANGTZE’s intuitive interface and diverse preset library brings quick results when you need them - but further sound customisation is just a click away. The Advanced panel takes you deep into the inner workings of the instrument, giving you detailed control over your sound sources, modulation, performance, and beyond.

Tap into the full capabilities of Augmented YANGTZE’s sound sources by adjusting the dual engines within each layer. This puts 4 sound sources at your disposal; any combination of up to 2 sampling and 2 synthesis engines. Within each engine, make subtle tweaks or drastic changes, from filter sculpting to waveform combinations to sample mic blend.


Animate and transform your sound with ultra-simple modulation routing. Apply multiple LFOs, functions, random generators, and keyboard controls to numerous parameters, and customize each modulation generator to do your sonic bidding.


Turn the simplest of ideas into vibrant flurries of acoustic texture and momentum with a built-in 16-step arpeggiator. Whether you’re injecting movement into a chord sequence or looking to weave an evolving sonic pattern into your ambient soundscapes, this familiar tool is built to be synchronized, randomized, and tweaked in real-time.


Dial in your own flavors of distortion, sound-sculpting, and drastic processing with 2 FX slots per layer, and sprinkle the final spatial and time-based touches with Delay and Reverb at the end of the chain.


A comprehensive overview for macro controls; observe a real-time representation of every parameter and function, and hone-in on the detail of each as you perform, produce, or record.


We knew that in order to create fresh and exciting sounds with Augmented YANGTZE, we first had to capture beautiful and authentic samples.

The recording sessions unfolded over several full days in Sydney, Australia, under the meticulous guidance of experienced sound designers and engineers. We relied on esteemed microphones such as the Neumann U47, Neumann KM84s, and Neumann KM54s, paired with top-tier API and TG preamps. This setup was chosen to preserve the natural, rich, and clear essence of each instrument, deliberately minimizing outboard processing to maintain the authentic timbre and full-bodied sound.


An ancient musical tradition, recast for the future.

Augmented YANGTZE harnesses the natural, evolving textures of traditional Chinese instruments, many of which are inspired by elemental features of the landscape.


A two-stringed bowed instrument, the Erhu is one of the most recognizable Chinese instruments in both China and the wider world. It's known for its expressive sound, capable of conveying a range of emotions.


Often referred to as the Chinese lute, the Pipa is a four-stringed plucked instrument with a pear-shaped body. It is 2,000 years old and is celebrated for its dynamic range and distinctive sound.


A seven-stringed zither, the Guqin is one of the oldest Chinese musical instruments, dating back to over 3,000 years ago. It is highly regarded in Chinese culture for its refined sound and association with scholars and philosophers.

Bass Dizi

A type of Chinese flute, the Dizi is known for its bright and resonant sound. The Bass Dizi refers to the lower-pitched versions of this instrument. Dizis are made of bamboo and are used widely throughout Chinese music.


A vertical bamboo flute, the Xiao has a mellower tone compared to the Dizi. It is an ancient instrument, traditionally associated with scholarly and spiritual practice.


A hammered dulcimer, the Yangqin is struck with bamboo mallets to produce a crisp and melodious sound. It's used in both solo and ensemble settings and adds a distinct brightness to Chinese music.

Brought to life
with evolution series

Augmented YANGTZE has been made possible with the expertise and sounds of Evolution Series. A dedicated team of developers who capture the most expressive performances to deliver completely authentic libraries. With a focus on the raw quality of traditional instruments and voices, Evolution Series continues to set the bar for high-quality sound and intuitive engines, suitable for all types of composing.

Dynamic presets
for every purpose

From lo-fi trills and dynamic pizzicato strings to misty, evolving drones.

Embark on a sonic journey from echoes of ancient China to groundbreaking hybrid textures. Augmented YANGTZE's library is your gateway to immediate and impactful musical storytelling, suited for any creative challenge.


Chinese Duet

Beautiful Chinese instrument placed in two different states. Like night and day, layer A is more intimate and clean, while layer B is more open and airy.

Delicate Flutes

Soft sine transient is layered by random Bass Dizi trills that are augmented by some Dizi swells.

Erhu Master

Erhu swells and trills are augmented by wide and soft granulations.


Otherwordly Breaths

Bass Dizi harmonized by the pitch shift delay, combined with Xiao and wind textures: the result is an elysian, peaceful soundscape.

Lost in Time

Guqin and granular reverse morph to a more synth sound. Nice to create slow chord progression and transform it more and more to a reverse granular pad.

Siberian Deserts

This gorgeous atmosphere is abstract in nature, best played as long, minimalistic melodies to hear the entire note tail evolve.



Flam Guqin layered with a rhythmic pad and Xiao. The Morph adds a fifth into the sound.

Deep East

Yangqin transient layered with a synced pulsating analog timbre and is augmented by noises and stereo granulations. Make a soft chord progression with and let the morphing make the sound evolve!

Lotus Forest

An ethereal forest vibe, where all layers melt together, with a formant filter for extra harmonics.

Hear it
in action

Endless East

Heather Fenoughty

A cinematic beatless track that takes you on a mystical trip.

Ghost Trails

Rob Martland

A deep electronic piece, with expressive layers of Augmented YANGTZE and evolutive energy.

Dancing Lotus

Raven Bush

A playful hip hop tune with a trap groove, showcasing a wide range of Augmented YANGTZE samples.

It Blossoms

Marco Iodice

A chill, lofi tune showcasing Augmented YANGTZE in a modern producer's context.

Sit still and listen

Raven Bush

A classical infused, soundtrack style track using only Augmented YANGTZE samples and subtle synth layers.

Lost in the Moment

Ioana Selaru

An ambient landscape, with expansive atmospheric textures and gentle acoustic elements.

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