Arturia Augmented GRAND PIANO - Acoustic Instruments Reinvented

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Arturia Augmented GRAND PIANO - Acoustic Instruments Reinvented


Arturia Augmented GRAND PIANO - Acoustic Instruments Reinvented

Augmented GRAND PIANO delivers a multitude of expressive, contemporary, and abstract piano sounds, beautifully recorded, fused with cutting-edge synthesis, and tailor-made for modern composers & producers.

Open the lid on a totally modernized piano VST experience.

From the authentic to the impossible, unlock premium piano sounds for cinematic score & library composition, immersive game soundscapes, and slick modern DAW production with an intuitive & inspiring piano experience that transcends virtual instruments.

Piano timbres unheard

Augmented GRAND PIANO alters the sound of a timeless instrument into something new. From galaxy-spanning granular sustain to felt tones twisted and transformed with racks of studio gear, take your piano as off-piste as you dare.

Production-ready sounds

Theatrical concert grand richness, platinum cinematic textures, evolving metallic atmospheres, barely-recognizable hybrid effects; whatever your style, Augmented GRAND PIANO can make the piano work for you.

Construct your sound

Customize every aspect of your piano timbre with 2 distinct layers, each including 2 sound sources, letting you weave your own compound textures with whatever combination of samples and synthesis you need.

Transformative morphing

Animate your tracks with timbres that flow between familiar & far-out, acoustic & synthetic, pure & transformed. The powerful Morph control lets you move between your sound layers and make broad changes to multiple aspects of your sound with one control.

Instant expression

Customize and interact with Augmented GRAND PIANO’s sound intuitively with its array of straightforward macro controls and responsive connections to velocity and aftertouch, ensuring that expressive dynamics, articulation, and timbral control is only ever a click away.

Deep sound design

Augmented GRAND PIANO is your shortcut to compelling piano sounds, but its advanced panel lets you go deeper when your project calls for it. Add complex modulation, keep it moving with smart arpeggiation, and fine-tune your sound layers in one place.


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