Apogee SYM2-16X16SE-2X6SE

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Apogee SYM2-16X16SE-2X6SE


Apogee SYM2-16X16SE-2X6SE

18 Line In x 22 Line Out + AES/Optical/SP Coax + Thunderbolt

Flagship Audio Interface with Thunderbolt. 16 Analog I/O of Mastering Grade conversion (4-DB25 connectors, SPDIF) with 2X6 Analog I/O of Mastering Grade conversion (2-XLR, DB25 connector, AES, Optical, SPDIF) Atmos monitoring capable

Symphony Mk II

Symphony Mk II is a multi-channel audio interface featuring Apogee’s flagship AD/DA conversion, modular I/O (up to 32 inputs and outputs), intuitive touchscreen display and optional world-class microphone preamps. Designed to deliver professional sound quality for audio recording, mixing and mastering.

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