API 3124MV Four-Channel Preamp With Stereo Mixer

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API 3124MV Four-Channel Preamp With Stereo Mixer


API 3124MV Four-Channel Preamp With Stereo Mixer

The API 3124MV has the same classic API preamps as the 3124 and features a built-in stereo mixer, plus level control and panner on each channel.

A variation of the 3124V with individual channel output level control, the API 3124MV adds a stereo mixer with left-right output level controls, stereo pan on each channel, channel inserts, and a stereo aux send/return that's bussed to the master outputs. Along with the ability to control individual channel levels, the 3124MV adds a level of convenience to multi-mic recording in live or studio settings. For example, it's common practice to bounce toms to a stereo channel to reduce track count and save processors during a mix. The 3124MV lets you track and pan toms in stereo. Or, if you use the 4-mic drum recording technique of Led Zeppelin engineer Glyn Johns, but need to save input channels on your converters, or would simply prefer to have drums mixed to a stereo channel with compression for live recording, the API 3124MV has you covered. Additionally, with the stereo return, you can cascade addition 3124MVs for a full API multi-channel recording solution.  

API 3124MV - Just the Facts:

  • Classic API circuit design
  • Uses API 2520 op-amps
  • Variable output level control per channel
  • Stereo master output level controls
  • Post “fader” aux sends bussed to master output controls
  • Stereo effects return
  • 1/4" TRS insert per channel
  • 3:1 output-transformer tap selection
  • Four XLR mic inputs
  • Four 1/4" unbalanced Inputs
  • Front-panel polarity switch
  • Front-panel 20dB pad switch
  • Front-panel mic/line switch
  • Front-panel 48V phantom power switch

API 3124MV - Under the Hood

The 3124MV uses the same classic 312 microphone preamp circuit found in all API consoles. A fully discrete, transformer-coupled design, it has RE-115K mic input transformers originally designed and built by Ed Reichenbach, whose transformers became a ubiquitous standard in the pro audio industry (Reichenbach Engineering evolved into Cinemag, the premier supplier of custom transformers.) The 3124MV's transformer-coupled output uses the same proprietary output transformer that provides galvanic isolation and contributes character to API equalizers and other outboard gear. With switchable 3:1 output transformer selection, the 3124MV offers variable output level control and an internal 48-volt phantom power supply, which is front-panel switchable for each channel. Each channel has a front-panel phase-reverse switch and -20dB pad that affects both the mic and line in. A 1/4" TRS jack is available on the rear panel for each channel as an insert tip-send/ ring-return placed between the mic preamp output and the mixer input.

Like the 3124V, the 3124MV provides up to 65dB of gain and features Hi-Z front-panel inputs that go directly to the op-amp, allowing a low-level input, such as a guitar or bass, to be amplified without a matching transformer or direct box. The Hi-Z input can accept input levels as high as +20dBu, making it perfect for keyboards, active pickups, and other high-output devices. For easy studio connectivity, the rear outputs are XLRM connectors.

The defining feature of the 3124MV (apart from API sound) is a stereo panner with level control and a post "fader" aux send. The stereo panners and aux sends are bussed to master output controls and then to the rear panel jacks. A stereo aux return is provided to return effects or cascade additional mixers for more inputs, or additional 3124MVs. The unique stereo aux return control acts to balance the left/right signal while remaining in stereo. It can also be used as a mono return.

Along with API's classic punch and low-end growl, the 3124MV adds levels of functionality for tracking with a built-in stereo mixer with aux send and return. For more information, call or chat online with your PAD Studio Specialist today.

  • Input Impedance: 1500 ohms mic, 470k ohms unbalanced, Hi-Z in
  • Output Impedance: Less than 75 ohms channel outputs
  • Nominal Levels: XLR channel output +4dBu
  • Stereo Output Level: Unbalanced: nominal -2, Balanced: +4
  • Frequency Response: +0, -5, 10Hz to 20kHz (-.5 at 10Hz)
  • Noise EIN: -129 mic, -125 unbal. actual
  • Measured Noise: Better than -91dBm / below nominal +4dBu
  • Distortion: All outputs at +4 out, .03%, at +22, .09% Max
  • Gain Range: 150 ohm Input 10dB min., 65dB max (inc. PAD); Unbalanced Input 14dB min., 50dB max
  • VU Meter: Calibrated for XLR outputs, 0VU=+4dBu, (-12, -6,
  • -3, 0, +3, +6, +18)
  • Controls: Gain, Pad (20dB), 48V, Polarity, Mic (mic/unbal.), VU, AC
  • Power Consumption, Quiescent: 19.2 watts
  • Size (WxHxD): 19" x 1-3/4" x 11"
  • Size (Boxed for Shipping):   23-1/4" x 6-1/2" x 16-1/2"
  • Actual Weight: 11.54 lb.
  • Shipping Weight: 15.3 lb.


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