Antares Warm - Tube Saturation Generator

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Antares Warm - Tube Saturation Generator


Antares Warm - Tube Saturation Generator

Analog Tube Saturation Emulator

Nothing warms up a vocal track (or pretty much any track) like being recorded through a high quality analog tube preamp.

Introducing Warm

Discover the effect that delivers authentic analog sound in a digital world.

Bring Up the Heat

Generate the warming effects of classic tube saturation. While optimized for adding warmth to vocals, it sounds just as good on guitar, horns, strings, synth pads, or pretty much anything.

Distortion Goes Deep

Crunch​ ​tube​ gives you the deep, warm distortion of an overdriven tube amplifier. You can crank it up for an “industrial” vocal sound, or as an effect on guitar, bass, or synths.

Saturate Everything

Warm’s unique Omni Tube​ feature lets you apply tube saturation to the entire signal, instead of just the transients, as is typically the case with a tube preamp.

Apply Liberally

And since Warm is extremely DSP​ ​efficient​, you can use it on an almost unlimited number of tracks simultaneously. Once you start using Warm, you’re going to want it on almost everything.

Key Features

  • The warmth of classic tube saturation
  • Adds warmth to vocals or instruments
  • Produce the deep distortion of an overdriven amplifier
  • Saturate the entire signal, not just the transients
  • Extremely DSP efficient

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