$ 119.00

Physical Modeling Voice Designer

Sculpt vocal qualities with an adjustable model of the human vocal tract.

Introducing Throat

Take control of the entire human vocal tract to create subtle modifications or vocal sounds that go well beyond the limits of human physical anatomy.

The Model Throat

Modify the voice’s glottal waveform or globally stretch, shorten, widen or constrict the modeled vocal tract to produce specific vocal characteristics.

Get Some Air

From a rough rasp to a smooth delivery, add variable frequency noise to give vocals any breath profile you want.

Pitch Shift

Go low or take things high and pitch shift a voice up or down as much as an octave to create a range of alternative vocal characters.

Key Features

  • Complete model of the human vocal tract
  • Subtle to extreme modifications
  • Unprecedented manipulation of vocals
  • Breathiness control
  • Pitch shifting