Antares Mutator - Extreme Voice Designer

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Antares Mutator - Extreme Voice Designer


Antares Mutator - Extreme Voice Designer

Extreme Voice Designer

Mutator provides a combination of sound design tools for creating unusual and otherworldly voices.

Introducing Mutator

Generate alien, monster, and other unearthly voices with the ultimate vocal character design plug-in.

Voices by Design

Use our unique throat modeling and pitch shifting technologies to craft the basic characteristics of your voice.

Let’s Get Weird

Transform and mangle any voice into a variety of strange creatures, with 24 different varieties of mutation created with pitch-tracking ring modulation and formant control.


Give your vocal track the quality of an alien language by chopping it up into small segments and playing each segment in reverse. You can even create your own unique language by varying the length of the speech segments, or syncing them to the tempo of your track.

Key Features

  • Powerful sound design and post-production tools
  • High quality pitch shifting and formant effects
  • Ring modular-based mutation features 24 varieties
  • Mind-bending, tempo-synched alienize function
  • Unique vocal effects and character design capabilities

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