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Antares AVOX Antares Vocal ToolKit From the company that revolutionized vocal production with Auto-Tune comes AVOX- the Antares Vocal Toolkit. With AVOX, Antares has combined five state-of-the-art vocal processing modules to give you the power you need to create stunning vocal tracks in any musical style as well as design unique vocal effects for audio post-production applications. The AVOX Antares Vocal Toolkit includes: THROAT Physical Modeling Vocal Designer THROAT is a radical new vocal tool that, for the first time, lets you process a vocal through a meticulously crafted physical model of the human vocal tract. THROAT begins by neutralizing the effect of the original singer's vocal tract and then gives you the ability to specify the characteristics of the modeled vocal tract. THROAT's controls allow you modify the voice's glottal waveform as well as globally stretch, shorten, widen or constrict the modeled vocal tract. For even more detailed control, THROAT's graphical Throat Shaping display allows you to individually adjust the position and width of five points in the vocal tract model, from the vocal cords, through the throat, mouth and out to the lips. Finally, THROAT's Breathiness controls let you add variable frequency noise to the model, resulting in a range of vocal effects from subtle breathiness, to raspiness, to a full whisper. AVOX Demo. In this piece, which features one male and one female vocalist, THROAT has been used to create the various lead and backup vocal sounds. DUO, CHOIR and PUNCH also make appearances. DUO Vocal Modeling Auto-Doubler DUO screenshot DUO automatically generates a doubled vocal part from an existing vocal. In addition to allowing programmable variation in pitch, timing and vibrato depth, for even more realism, DUO also includes a simplified version of THROAT's vocal modeling to provide timbral variation for the doubled part. DUO's output section gives you independent control of the level and stereo position of the original and doubled voices. CHOIR screenshot Neither a harmonizer nor a conventional chorus effect, CHOIR is a unique processor that actually turns a single voice into 4, 8, 16, or 32 distinct individual unison voices, each with its own pitch, timing and vibrato variations. The voices can, if desired, be spread across the stereo spectrum. Assign an instance of CHOIR to each of four voices singing four-part harmony and voilà, instant choir. Audio Examples Backup singer. Once female vocalist with multi-tracked harmony. Backup choir. The same tracks with CHOIR applied to each track. Male trio. Once male vocalist with multi-tracked harmony. Male choir. The same tracks with CHOIR applied to each track. PUNCH Vocal Impact Enhancer PUNCH is a unique processor that, as its name so ably implies, lets you give your vocal more dynamic impact, allowing it to cut through a dense mix with clarity and power. Combining advanced dynamic processing with an incredibly easy-to-use interface, PUNCH gives professional results while letting you focus on your music. SYBIL Variable Frequency De-Esser SYBIL tames vocal sibilance with a flexible compressor with threshold, ratio, attack and decay controls as well as a variable highpass frequency to match any vocal performance. The AVOX bundle, which represents a 50% savings over the MSRPs of the individual plug-ins, is available exclusively at your local Antares dealer in versions for RTAS (Mac OS X and PC), VST (Mac OS X and PC), and Audio Units. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS Macintosh Versions AVOX supports Macintosh OS X only. All Mac AVOX versions are universal binaries and are Leopard compatible. RTAS Version: Pro Tools or Pro Tools LE v7.0 or later. Mac OS 10.4 or later as required by your version of Pro Tools. VST Version: A host program that supports the VST format. Mac OS 10.4 or later as required by your host. Audio Units Version: A host program that supports the Audio Units format. Mac OS 10.4 or later as required by your host. PC Versions RTAS Version: Pro Tools or Pro Tools LE v7.0 or later. Windows XP or Vista (as required by your version of Pro Tools). VST Version: A host program that supports the VST format. Windows XP or vista as required by your host. iLok image: AVOX authorization requires an iLok USB smart key. A free iLok is included with the boxed AVOX bundle.