Antares Articulator - Digital Talk Box

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Antares Articulator - Digital Talk Box


Antares Articulator - Digital Talk Box

Digital Talk Box

Articulator is a modern digital version of the classic talk box, made famous on recordings by artists like Peter Frampton, Zapp, and Bon Jovi. Perfect for talking guitars, singing synths, and a wide range of special effects.

Introducing Articulator

Produce the authentic talk box effect—without putting a tube in your mouth.

The Sound of Information

Extract the formant and amplitude information from a vocal track and apply it to another audio track or to its built-in noise generator in real time.

Sculpt Your Voice

The built-in EQ features a formant modulation section that lets you sculpt your vocal sound using our throat modeling technology.

Effect Control

Amplitude modulation control lets you dial in exactly how much of the effect you want on your track.

Key Features

  • Get the classic talk box sound
  • Formant and amplitude control
  • Built-in noise generator
  • Throat-modeling technology
  • Amplitude modulation control

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