AMS Neve DFC Gemini

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The DFC Gemini is by far the most accomplished digital mixing console designed specifically for multi-format film dubbing and post production. With an unrivalled installation base, DFC is the standard among the world’s premier motion picture facilities including Warner Brothers, Disney, Fox, Skywalker Sound, De Lane Lea and Yash Raj Film. In fact, over 70% of international blockbusters are mixed on the DFC. 


From the outset, the DFC Gemini was designed for optimum mix performance. At the heart of the console is DSP, the world’s most powerful mix engine, capable of delivering the legendary Neve sound across 1000 audio signal paths at 96kHz, 24 bit in a single, high-resolution DFC signal-processing tower. No other digital post production console can offer the sheer power required to handle the demands of tomorrows content. 

Native Dolby Atmos Mixing

Dolby Atmos is the latest generation of immersive 3D surround sound, initially geared towards commercial cinema but now adapted for the home. By targeting loudspeakers placed in locations around the listener (including ceiling speakers) a sound can be made to feel as though it is coming from anywhere in the room. It is an adaptable, scalable, object based format that represents sound as independent audio elements which during playback are accurately positioned in three dimensional space using the loudspeakers that are available.    
AMS NEVE worked in consultation with Dolby for several years before the release of Dolby Atmos giving both teams the opportunity to look collaboratively at how content in this object based format could be efficiently created making it viable for the studios to adopt.
The first film natively mixed in the Dolby Atmos format was ‘Oblivion’ this feat was achieved using an AMS NEVE DFC console with both Dolby and AMS NEVE engineers present at the studios of Skywalker Sound to offer advice and support to the mixing crew. Until this point a film would be mixed in a traditional format and later a modified version done for Dolby Atmos where a limited number of sounds would be targeted to objects.



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