AMS Neve 8804 Sidecheeks (pair)

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AMS Neve 8804 Sidecheeks (pair)


AMS Neve 8804 Sidecheeks (pair)

The AMS Neve 8804 Sidecheeks are stylish side-panels with the Neve logo for the 8804 Fader Pack

While you can use its built-in wire stand, the 8804 Fader Pack can dress to impress with a pair of optional finishing side panels (as they are known to the unenlightened). Bearing the distinctive red Neve lightning bolt logo on a raised white circle, the 8804 Sidecheeks (which are kind of sweet) give your Fader Pack a distinctive and impressive look that speaks volumes to your clients. 

AMS Neve 8804 Sidecheeks-Just the Facts:

  • Two end panels for the 8804 Fader Pack
  • Red Neve lightning bolt logo on a raised white circle
  • Royal Air Force blue finish
  • Impressive look for desktop use  

In the studio world, it's just as important to look good as it is to sound good. Don't let your 8804 Fader Pack go naked. Slap on a pair of sweet Sidecheeks and mix in style. Order yours today.

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